Saturday, 11th February '06

Fast Food Nation

I have realised, to my great horror, that I have had a few days of really bad food. A friggin' disaster was made of my meals without me even realising it:

It all started on Wednesday morning. White hot chocolate with whipped cream and a cookie for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich and soup for lunch. (This lunch being the ONLY respectable thing I have had since.) On the way home from school David and I start talking about McDonald's, where he thinks he will go get burgers or something. It's 3 in the afternoon and I'm hungry and I mentioned how I just recently discovered the joys of the Rollo Milkshake (I know it sounds dodgy, a Rollo - a chocolate brand we don't get in Singapore - Milkshake in North America from Macs, but it's gooooddd.) Immediately I get put in the mood to have one. So I do.

It's ok, it's still early in the junk food cycle. What I didn't count on was how it all went to hell in a handbasket from there.

Dinner before going to the Battle of the Bands. Of course I'm feeling lazy, as I always am these days. Which means that dinner is instant noodles (ah, the MSG!) and bits of old veggies and honey baked ham. Then it's on to the Grawood (Dal pub) for the Bands. Which take friggin' long to come on, and in the meantime Mick does not allow me to get through the night without alcohol. So along comes a Sex on the Beach. Somewhere along the way someone buys too much Keith's (local brew) and starts giving it away free. So the normally stingy, dry as a bone En Ying thinks: why the heck not?

This is probably also a good time to note that I met a Canadian, Chris, who actually could speak some Chinese phrases and sound almost right, and, to my even greater surprise, play 猜拳. No kidding. It was kinda surreal to be sitting a Halifax school pub playing a distinctly Chinese drinking game with a white boy, getting my ass kicked at it because the PRC version is quite different from how we play in Singapore and I'm lousy at it anyway, and sipping a Halifax beer in punishment. It's also a bit scary when Armando the Mexican picked up "干杯". Next time I teach them to "Yam Seng" - that would be downright hilarious.

As time goes on and the Grawood is closing, Armando goes: En Ying, are you hungry? If so, I will walk to McDonald's with you. And then I realize that, bloody hell, I AM hungry at 2am in the morning.

Incidentally, since this is a food blog, the phrase "I am hungry" is the phrase I can say in the most languages aside from the word "cheese" - 我肚子饿! Wa badoh yao! J'ai faim! Ich habe hunger! And some Swedish thing I can't even begin to spell but sounds something like "Yorg ert hunkreig" - I'm sure it's all wrong.

But lengthy digression aside, thanks to Mexi (another way to refer to Armando when his real name is too tiring to say) I ended up putting a Double Cheeseburger BLT and half a Vanilla Milkshake (thank goodness there was Chris to finish the rest of it) in at an ungodly hour in the morning.

Coming home I also run into a very visibly drunken Susann - that was pretty funny. It's interesting how girls always see a need to apologise for being drunk even when they're sweet, responsible drunks like Susann. Anyways, she was like "we will go for tea tomorrow, En Ying". And I was left bewilderedly wondering whether she would remember it the next day. Turns out she did. Heh.

By the time I get to bed it's closer to sunrise than not. Unfortunately I have to drag myself out in for a eminent speaker's lecture on universal access to the Internet. All I manage to grab on the way to class to serve as something to tide me until the lecture ended at 1pm - a Tim Hortons English Toffee Capuccino and Boston Cream Doughnut (a particularly wicked doughnut filled with custard and coated in chocolate icing). I was just NOT THINKING about the horrors of what I was putting in my digestive system.

And after making it through the lecture, Mick and I trudge to the Studen Union Building in search of Dawgfathers. The Dawgfather, PhD, is this classic Dalhousie icon... he's a guy who's made something of a little empire just selling "Phatboys" (a hot dog) and "Giant Sausages" and "Hamburgers" to perpetually broke uni students for a twonnie. A Giant Sausage it is for me, with ketchup and honey dijon and relish and black olives. This is a gourmet hotdog indeed. You have infinite choices of mustard and toppings. A Pepsi washes down the greasy mess.

And then I go home, whereupon I meet Susann and it turns out Simon's (one of the "French Fries" - what we call the "French Guys", due to someone's slip of the tongue, much in the same way EnEn became FuFu) birthday dinner is going to be at the Father's Moustache. And it's THURSDAY, so of course it's WING NIGHT. 10 Fried Chicken Wings for $3, Honey Garlic Sauce. It's too good a deal to pass up, and frankly the wings were quite good.

Could I put ANY more junk in? Turns out, yes.

Breakfast the next morning turned out to be another rush job, simply because I can never wake up to get to a 9am class on time. Choc-chip Muffin to eat in class. Not bad, but not good either, if we're talking about the health factor of the thing.

Class over, time for some lunch. I discover I am absolutely broke, and have a grand total of $1.53. The only thing I seem to be able to afford is $1.25 Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Chocolate, in other words. My digestive system screams in agony.

By 3pm, a confuzzling Securities Regulation lecture has left me completely winded and - you guessed it - hungry. It's also time for the Turino 2006 opening ceremony, and the usual suspects (A, M, D, me and this time even Lingwei) head down to the Grawood in search of food and a big screen. It's at this time I discover the Tiger Burger - a Dalhousie speciality that's really a Double Cheeseburger With Bacon, Onions and Relish. Comes with Fries. How could I possibly choose a salad over that, for the same price?

I haven't eaten anything since - my digestive system has gone on strike. Will remember to eat something to detox tomorrow. JIALAT.

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oh gosh..i pity ur tummy too..but some of the junk does sound pretty good i reckon!!

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