Monday, 13th February '06

Why I Love Being a Law Student

This is as opposed to being a science student, since I really haven't tried anything else. But I'm very sure you only come across gems like this in LEGAL RESEARCH. This is something I stumbled across in researching my latest research paper topic: intellectual property in sporting moves.

The following line was cited as a "highlight" in this article on the possibility of obtaining patents in Yoga techniques:

"I'm beyond Superman ... I have balls like atom bombs, two of them, 100 megatons each. Nobody fucks with me."
-- Bikram Choudhury

Ahhahahaha. I swear, I would never have found such interesting stuff if I were still a Biology student. Right Tzo? That having been said, though, I do miss my Biology roots rather a bit. Pity I didn't manage to make it to that presentation of Honours theses last Saturday. Chris was right, he'd have to win the nobel prize for finding the cure to cancer without me. Haha. smile While I go on with my research about yogis and their gonads.

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hey dajie! happy vday in canada!
hope u are having fun. hope some guy picks u up and make ur day. whatever it is i miss u muchmuch! take care of urself! big grin


hurhur... it appears i will be spending v-day night in a gay bar. so, not very likely wink

oh yes, i'm having fun, of course. u're back in the blue mountains, right? for how much longer this time? kai's whinging at us for leaving her alone, as you know.


yes i know she's whining. what to do. she is lousy. she misses my daily 'hey loser' smses every morning i reckon mauhahahhaha! hm..vday in a gay bar? what brings u there?? i'm back till june at least.. will be flying home to singapore in july then to somewhere else - dunno where as yet - sigh... blush


you write her 'hey loser' smses everyday? what, m1 gives you too many free smses now? siao boh.

july ah... come back late june with me lah. smile july's all my pupillage apps and interviews. no fun liao.

oi, are u and dre still planning for europe? i need to start crystallising my summer plans, don't last min last min ask me to go to some far away land and i have no money stashed up. if it's not in the works i'm just going to stay here till june, most prob.

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