Sunday, 19th February '06

Je Suis Au Quebec!

Whee. Quickie blog - though I would love to have left the last post up a bit longer because messages were still incoming - you guys can just keep them coming though, haha. Long live the Qiongster. big grin

Anyhow, I'll try and write a couple of sentences in my piddling French. Maintenant, je suis au Quebec, et j'habite chez mon amie de Dalhousie Law School, Jessica. Je voyage aussi avec Mick et David. And this is where I give up and convert back to English because otherwise things will get a little embarrassing. Jess is an awesome host with a really really pretty house. Pictures to come soon. I'm squatting in the corner of her bedroom while the guys colonise the living room.

The first day of the Roaddie was excellent. Guy stuck me in the backseat because they think I have a weak heart - haha... they don't know I've sat in a car driven my Jeremy Chan in Singapore.. which forces you to get over any faintheartedness pretty quickly, eh Jem? Thanks for the song, by the way, I received the email. But before I digress any further the drive was enjoyable, the snow was everywhere, and I'll update more tonight.


en ying snapped a shot of life @ 01:08 pm
[3 photographs developed.]

3 photographs developed.


take care on ur road trip babe! razz


[delurk] hello, sorry for gatecrashing! just read your hilarious Qiong/Kek post and had to leave a note. That was too funny! smile

Your Blog Links Updated comment on the sidebar also made me laugh! (spoken by one who has done the change url thing far too often, haha)

enjoy Quebec! smile

ps. wow, you're using greymatter. i'm impressed! i tried it once, it was fun but gave me headaches trying to set things up!


salut ma chickee sis!
go check out my blog for smubs06 teaser posters! blush

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big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
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