Thursday, 23rd February '06

Montreal, Part I

We arrived in Montreal yesterday evening after a few more hours down the TransCanada 40. Montreal's not as pretty and European as Quebec City was. But the St Dennis is nonetheless a very pretty street. We went to the Bistro a Jojo for drinks and live music. Pretty decent rock stuff, with a lead singer that tried a BIT too hard sent Susann and myself into fits and snorts of laughter. It was still all good apart from the fact that the lead singer also was a Frenchie dude who made interesting work of some of the English lyrics.

This morning was all Vieux Montreal ("Old Montreal") which was again less atmospheric than Quebec City. Perhaps it was because the streets were all empty in early in the day, it just didn't give as much of a kick. What I really did like, though, was the Basilisque Notre-Dame (I'll get it spelt properly later), modelled after the real Notre Dame... I turned into a bit of a Qionghui at that point, taking millions of pictures of EVERYTHING. It was one of the best big churches I've ever been in... everytime we looked at something we found something new hidden. The central alterpiece had the crucifixtion, as usual, but it was surrounded by 4 sculptures depicting various offerings - Moses with manna, Abraham and Issac etc. right at the foot of it was a last supper thing too. I'm just jotting these down real quick, so no fancy schamancy descriptions. I liked the back room Chapel (will add in name later), especially the carvings around the walls showing the various central scenes from the time Jesus was sentenced to being nailed on the cross and fell 3 times to the end where they took Him off the cross. it somehow had a little more poignance when the captions were written in French. I dunno, "Jesus tombe pour law troisiemme fois", for example, sounds sadder than "Jesus falls for the third time".

We also went to the big old underground mall. Not that much more impressive than City Link Mall, really.

And then on to a Chinese buffet lunch. Not by my choice, interestingly enough, but it was really great to be having decent standard charsiew, shaoya, mantou and all again. I don't know if should rave or not... it's just that it was all such standard food, but all so RARE at this moment. Oh, and I managed to convince Mick to eat TER KAH! As in pig trotters. Hahah. You should have seen the look on his face. But he's a cool guy, all that counts is he tried it. He had a SLIVER, but he tried it.

Alrighty, Freddy and Susann will be here any moment now and we'll be driving down to Mont Royale Park to check it out before it gets dark, and then crash an exchange student dinner at McGill University... this is thanks to the organising efforts of Diego (Armando the Mexi). Later.

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oooh. montreal. we were about to go there for spring break actually. but since it's like a crazy 14 hour drive away, we've decided to stick to toronto instead ^^ niagara falls! wheee! hahaha. have a good trip dearie, and i want pictures of le notre dame!


hahhahaha sounds great over there. and i know what u mean when stuff like shaomai and all that are RARE smile u cant help but rave.. take care babe and keep safe on the trip.. razz

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