Wednesday, 1st March '06

The Royal Bum

Boo! Back from Spring Break. A total of 8 days on the road, and around 2000km more under our long suffering driver's belt. That's 50 times across the length of Singapore, from Changi to Tuas, to aid your imagination.

And I know I always ALWAYS promise blogs to come describing the big trips, but I never get round to it. So I'm not making any promises this time, and it might just happen. Whoo.

The funny thing about this whole exchange experience is this: I'm on a perpetual holiday, but it isn't really because I still have to go to school. I just work about half as hard as in Singapore, spend time procrastinating with a vengence (what do you think I'm doing now, hmm?) and from the looks of it, get better grades anyway. Meeting up with Kenneth, Sandra and Micheal in Montreal, we've realized that sort of thing is why they don't let us count our exchange grades in Singapore. Our education system really is far more challenging.

But perptual holiday aside, the breaks / vacations are even more tiring because you go on these long jaunts to maximise the time you have overseas - New York and the latest Quebec / Montreal trips being cases on point. I had a good bit of fun on both, but was not rested whatsoever. And now that I'm back in school, I still have absolutely no wish to do any work. Man.

Other than that, I had a decently productive day: laundry (still unfolded, dammit), Sobey's, organised some photos, cooked (I came up with a new recipe involving onions, jalapeno peppers, chicken breast and hoisin sauce! Also did a re-run of Susann's spinach salad with Japanese vinegrette recipe. Yummy.) and watch American Idol. I think I'm going to stay in most of this week and recover a bit. My system is also screaming for real food after a series of Macs / Tim Hortons meals on the road.

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