Thursday, 2nd March '06

Deferred Blogging, Part I: 团圆饭

Contrary to my plans to actually start doing some work, here I am. Blogging. Whee. I guess there are a number of very much belated blogs to be done, and I might as well get it over with before Limin comes breathing fire down my neck.

Where does one begin with a mammoth recount like this?

Chinese New Year. An event approached with a rather unusual take this year. Let’s put it this way: when you’re in a country like Canada with a sizable immigrant population, you WILL see bits of CNY paraphernalia around. People selling decorations and inverted “福” signs in school, the funny looking little cheongsams and things like that in Park Lane Mall, but nothing with the same gusto of the Chinatown rush back home… or the Chingay parade or the River Hongbao.

I was also extremely fortunate to have Vicki, Debbie and their awesome family around to have tuan yuan fan and lao yu sheng with. It was amazing, really, how they managed to make everything themselves from scratch because you really can’t find all the pre-made ingredients anywhere in Halifax.

Doesn’t that just make you hungry? It’s the yusheng, and all the raw meats for the steamboat. And the droolworthy egg taohu. You should have seen Vicki coaching Ryder on how to pronounce it – being a white boy doesn’t give him any excuse. Oh wait, you can see it! (My apologies for the cutesy tone of voice in which this turned out.)

And that was Baba (Debbie) in the apron and Ryder looking a wee bit lost.

Now we cut to the chase. No more just LOOKING at the food.


Me and Vicki.

All fed and happy. Check out the huge bowl of cool whip in the second picture, which we actually manage to demolish by the end of the day.

Vicki eyes the dessert…

Andrew, but you should really also turn your attention to the kuey in the bottom-right corner. I forget what it’s proper name is. Andrew is Vicki’s half-Chinese, half-Norwegian (did I get that right?) friend from school, whose Chinese is “about as good as his Swahili”. He’s a friggin’ hilarious guy, and when him and Ryder get together… I think that was the hardest I’ve ever laughed this year. Poor dude was also kinda caught in the middle when the racist jokes started flying.

Ervin tries to hide his embarrassment in being just about the last person left in that cheapshot party game.

Well yeah, that's about it for tuanyuanfan... I had a fantastic time of just simple hanging out in a family setting. Was a bit sad about not being home for the season - especially with all the messages from the Smubs telling about the fun they were having back home and hearing all the noise in Ah Ma's house when I rang back, and having Mum tell me about the angpaos she was collecting on my behalf... haha... oh well.

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