Thursday, 2nd March '06

Deferred Blogging, Part IV: Battle of the Bands

Alright, this is the last deferred blog. Finally. Took me half a day to sort out all the photos and get this done. *phew* At least now the last thing that I have to blog on is Spring Break, but I think I'll take a break for a few days before getting back to that.

Please read all the Deferred Blogging entires in sequence, Part I to Part IV, just for the sake of getting them in chronological order.

Anyhow, the Battle of the Bands is this Dalhousie-wide live music competition, and while it was decent, it wasn't spectacular. It didn't quite meet the doubleyellowline standards that I'm used to (Local Music Lives! as they say), and there were no Elephant Indian Chinamen (the first place I'll bring anyone in Singapore is to watch EIC at Wala's, man), but they DEFINTELY beat the poor excuses for bands from SMU (St Mary's, not Singapore Management Uni) at the Gorsebrook hands down. Those Gorsebrook bands were laughable lah. Dominic, Susann, Ulrike and I were just giving each other snide looks the whole time.

But back to the point... the Grawood was pretty decent all round. I like it quieter, though... when it started to fill with young punk undergrads I got a bit annoyed, but the last band (a K-Os, Kanye West styled group) was really good and made up for it. At least, it got the people beyond the potheads moving.

The rest of the food aspect of it I've blogged before in the "Fast Food Nation" post, so I'll just do the photo thing and be done with it. Not even going to bother with the captions now because I need to leave the computer and get a life.

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