Saturday, 4th March '06


Probably a rather incoherent entry that's one of the few I do for me, and not for a wider audience. So you will pardon the rambly, train-of-thought nature of this post, and the hopelessly Singlishy style of writing - yeah yeah, Guojian says my hidden Ah Lian streaks are surfacing. 他妈的. wink

Possibly the only thing I find discomforting about Halifax is the lack of variety. 可能我应该用华文来写以下几行。在说一偏,我的华文真的好烂,请多多原谅吧!该充哪儿开始呢?也许是这个 sem 的开始吧,因为我突然间变成了这儿唯一的女生, 每天和男生同学在一起。。。 有时候真的感觉很 sian。也不知应该如何恰当的形容他们的所作所为。。。偶尔使我感觉到我的朋友很。。。浅。(direct translation please, I CMI lah.) But my point was... 这几为朋友,不是整天脑里想着喝酒,疯狂, 就是找女孩子和他们上床。有时候和他们在一起聊天也使我感到有点不自在。It's like,ok,我们现在已经有够朋友了,有什么话可以直接说,不必什么 paiseh already - 但是我还是不想知道 Halifax 里哪一些女生有够 hot,哪一些女生有够性感, 或者你要跟谁上床。和我新加坡朋友比较一下, 偶尔发觉这里的朋友有点恶心, 有点。。。um。。。贱。In a way I have these "TV flashback" moments where I think 这种事只能在电视上发生. It's a situation I always seem to get into, where 我不知不觉交上了一群朋友,然后发现 that they're too 酷 for me. And 认为自己好酷的人。。。tend to be rather nasty in their private comments about those that don't meet their standards. The sneaky balance of it all is this: 在表面上他们是我的朋友,但是我根本不知道他们在我背后在说我的什么坏话。

So I had this long MSN conversation with Han (NUS Law dude right now living it up in Stockholm) - interesting since we've never been all that close but we had a pretty good run at a long convo; our thoughts just clicked at that point, I guess. We agreed it was damn shiok to be exchange students abroad, still it could also be damn sian (repeat: SIAN. SIAN, SIAN, SIAN.) at times. And the lagi jialat-est part of it is when you've done the out of comfort zone thing and discovered that now 我闷了。When it's become 每个人只是为了要喝醉而喝酒, and 一天过一天,一个星期过一个星期,都是一样豪无意义的过着,你开始发觉这些人的生活方式太 sad 了。At least, those were Han's words, not mine. What I said was more along the lines of "futile". And futility didn't sit all that well with either of us. 浪费钱,浪费时间。。。 He was saying something about he'd forgotten the pleasures of bumming and talking cock, the daidee and the mahjong games etc... It was funny because I knew EXACTLY what he meant. Here, we'd inherently be boring people. *chuckle* smile At least, 我的这一群朋友会这么认为。

So today was macaam a breath of fresh air... the Pink Panther, while being a rather dumbass movie of the Steve Martin breed, was just the kind of silly, simple, straightforward fun I needed. It was also great meeting up with Alex (the German, not the Georgian) and Dominic again - Alex lives at the Y but is a phantom of the finest kind, and Dominic is known for pulling Houdini acts everytime his girlfriend comes to town. The number of times I've had conversations with them I can count on my fingers, but both are really nice, friendly, straightforward, funny guys that are so easy to talk to that you'll never have to stop and think about what to say next. The whole Pink Panther thing was Alex's last minute idea - and I was honestly amazed at Franzi's "Superman" act of getting dressed in like 2 minutes flat. Jessika and Kristopher (other Germans) came too, but I just somehow never get a chance to talk to them properly.

So bumming at the Father's Moustache was cool... everything from Dominic's stories of the 13 year old Marshall (who apparently I'm supposed to meet tomorrow just so he can be told that a girl wants to meet him. The kid does sound intriguing, though. I loved it when Dom told the story of how he started to give Dom fashion advice, coupled with Dom's incredulous expressions and resigned head-shaking.) to vehement criticisms of how the silly Americans portrayed soccer in the movie to Alex's "1.FC Koin" beanie. For some reason I was reminded of a mild version of the 401 post-movie hangout sessions at Lido - remember? Remember? Hahah... basically watch finish movie, sit and talk cock and laugh yourself stupid for hours on end. Shiokness. Of course, if you're with Germans, they don't call it talk cock sessions, they call it "getting a beer". Well, a rose by any other name...

There's a certain joy to simplicity without futility.

(Whoo. As promised, that entry didn't make any sense at all.)

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hi, that is the most Chinese I think I have read for the past 2.5 years. I am impressed both at your writing skills and my not incomplete loss of reading comprehension wink But anyway -- hang in there. I'm sorry it's a bit, well, sian at the moment -- but don't stop believing in people really being interesting! Will be happy to have a chat about it if you don't go offline on me wink


I think I meant not complete!


i'm soooo sorry about the going offline bit... ymca connection died. boo. i was pissed off too. sad

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