Saturday, 4th March '06

Brokeback Mountain

I know the title is corny. I needed to RANT, anyhow.


What kind of BLOODY IDIOT are you? Huh? WTF were you thinking?! If you were thinking at all. Happy happy go and JUMP OFF A FRIGGIN' SKI RAMP on your FIRST SKI TRIP OF YOUR LIFE? You stupid or what? Kaoz. I want to SMACK the living daylights out of you lah. Hantum you upside down.

*seethes in frustration*

Winner lor. See small kids jumping off the ramp then think you clever clever also can. See lah, gei kiang. Orbi good. Now bang balls already. MORON. I seriously catch no ball lah, what was in that pea-brain of yours?! Where did you go and find a jumping ramp anyways? Black diamond right? There's a reason you're called a BEGINNER, you COCKSTER. Kids may be small by they have a few years experience under their belts; YOU HAD NONE.

Lagi best, break one tailbone not enough, go and break one more vertebra. You think what, God give you bones is for breaking is it?

Even I'm not that dumb lor.


So they pump you full of morphine for the first few days. Shiok right? *GROWL* Next time *choichoichoi* you kena something worse cannot walk already, don't come and find me.

And now you please ah, go and find a way to tell Caroline. May she EAT your sorry ass.

en ying snapped a shot of life @ 04:00 pm
[12 photographs developed.]

12 photographs developed.


yeah roy. you win. O_O even the seniors who've snowboarded like twice walked AWAY from the ramp when they saw it. And by walk i mean embarrass yourself like hell and take off the board infront of the ramp and walk away =_= better than breaking somethign ^^;;;;

you get well soon ^^;;;;

and en. wow. your repertoire of ah lian speech is impressive XD

Roy (the culprit):

woah. I was doing pretty good that day skiing ok? Those little kids were really misleading. All I remembered was going really fast towards the ramp and thinking "oh no." Then I had the sensation of being in the air and next thing was a jarring sensation in my back and tumbling for awhile before feeling intense pain. Haa. Pls, everyone dont tell Caroline about this.


....wah she still doesn't know? O_o haha win *lol*


This Roy guys sound alot like me when i lived in Switzerland. It takes an odd mixture of courage and sadistic suicidal intent to do a black diamond (heck red slopes scares the crap out of me already) and jump a ramp. I jumped a ramp because i couldn't snow plough in time. Still it was quite funny that i managed to land it in an weird position... anyways hope you get well soon Roy!

Roy (the culprit):

No no no, it wasn't a black diamond slope. It was like the most gentle of all slopes, but there were practice ramps on the side for people to try...
hahaha, i did try a few black diamonds though. I almost always ended up tumbling through the snow and having my skis and poles fly all over the place.


wah roy ah! seriously watch ur back leh! tsk big already still like that. get well soon though big grin take come pictures of ur current state..shoudl be amusing to see..heeee.. and yes enz u are a closet ahlian lah. big grin cool eh?


heya... who's Nick anyways? i don't remember a Nick who lived in switzerland!


hey guys! i'm halfway tru my exams! hehe. just wanted to say that i dun think en's speech's very ah lian... seriously hah. and i do miss those bumming sessions with all you guys, esp en! haha. that girl can come up with the wildest stories everytime... maybe it's cos she has the most exciting life.. grin. unlike us boring med students... heh. miss you guys here in singapore! come back soon, so we can hold our version of the salem witch trials k.... hahaha (p/s: zhihui's attached but she refuse to tell me stuff till you guys come back!!!)


Oh no. I'm just Sheena's friend who happened to click this blog link. Its always fun to read about people's ski adventures (or in this case misadventure) being sort of a ski bum myself.


most exciting life - hmm. not in comparison with some of the "exciting lives" i meet around here!

but i will have you know i'm totally on for the SALEM WITCH TRIALS. MUAHAHA. although watching zh play an abigail and screaming about seeing birds and other things? rather creepy.

heh... heya nick, nice to meet you! my knee is still a bit messed up from the last snowboarding adventure (not the blogged one, but another). any helpful ideas?


enz's a closet lian just waiting to be exposed shocked


不是expose了吗?Hahah. My Singrish verh der powderful ok. Don't pray pray. wink

Alright. That was going too far, even for me. but i keep up to date reading that rockson dude's blog. horrific as it might be.

b tankful i noe enuff not 2 type lyk dis.

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied