Monday, 6th March '06

Outside is Raining But Inside is Wet.

My word, I can't believe I found these babies again. By "these babies" I mean the RJC MASS DANCE MOVE LISTS. Hahaha. I was so insanely excited when I found them I started literally bouncing, jumping and doing "Running Mans" (I don't think the plural is "Running Men") all over my little YMCA room.


I'm seriously a bit high now. *floats away*

YEAH. And Kiat and I just made a pact to go back and DANCE in the Summer. I feel young again. Haha. Can you believe the last time I danced this stuff properly was January 2005? And no one but SWEEEEETTT TIANG (heh, Jem.) totally remembered. gosh. They played the "Ecandus" music in front of the bonfire and the bazillion J1s and J2s turned to look at the old, fat J5s (now J6s!) who panicked and shoved Sweet to the front. Sweet is DA MAN. He can still do the full-on Inyxeus. Shit. I think I was next to Beanie and we were like... ok... whatever embarrassment that will follow will follow. Right now we just have to pretend like we remember how to do our own mass dance. Haha... Cannot let the hoards of little ones down!

And now that I've been away for a while and gained perspective on the way the rest of the world works... it's almost UNBELIEVABLE that we used to THAT cool. That we'd just bounce up in front of the GENERAL PUBLIC and dance until someone threatened to called the police (read: Suntec City 2002). I think I was there with Charybdis and doing Rain Dance and then someone was like "they called the police!" And then we were like... maybe we should leave... and OH MY WORD, DO YOU REMEMBER 20TH FAREWELL?! When we were dancing on the street outside Ana's house. WHEN THE POLICE ACTUALLY CAME. *falls over laughing*. I was this close to freaking out - Kai and I were Oi/cs somemore. And Sean Wat and Dex had to go talk to them and convince them we weren't hooligans trying to disturb the peace. I swear my friends here in Halifax wouldn't dream of doing anything near that without having drunk enough to have alcohol spilling out of their ears. I guess I like it that we did all these stupid-ass things completely sober, so that we remember every moment of it.

Next January I'm going to join the young punks dancing around the fountain at Suntec City or whichever attention grabbing public place they pick. Sheesh. Has it really been 5 years since we were the stupid J1s unable to do 5-point and making glorious fools out of ourselves in front of Singapore's whole shopping district when mass dancing at the field behind Wisma Atria? The reason we were at the field, if I remember right, is that the shopping centre people chased the few hundreds of us out of the shopping centre itself. I should have think they could have prosecuted us for illegal assembly. And then by the time we were in J2 the better part of us (except for the Teks and the Dres who ran off everytime) could do all that Flip Fantasia stuff without batting an eyelid.

How shameless we could be. The first time I went to Zouk with the twins they played That Thing You Do and Jer and I started doing the OH Dance in the middle of the dance floor. Hahah. Memories, yeah. I miss Ivan though... haha... Never truly dared to do the Salsa lean with anyone but him - not since Henghwa nearly dropped me on the floor once.

Oh and thanks to Kiat, Charlotte, Limin, Jem, Jer, Henghwa, Bert etc who either shared the joy or helped in various ways in sending me the requisite music. WOOOOOOO.

Sorry. Incoherent with excitement.

I'll leave you with the amusing lyrics from the song used for Areeba - my latest lyrics box discovery is pretty cool too, don't you think? big grin


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Roy Wang:

Great job, enz. If only i could dance now... haa.


the URL pls?


i wanna dance too!! this year's mass dance endeavour in public was foiled by a STUPID, i repeat STUPID parent who called the school up and ask why her kid is going to orchard road to dance.. needless to say, the sch stopped them.. yet again..


[bert] they did WHAT? parents are CRAZY these days. wasn't there already something a year ago about a parent that didn't allow her kid to do the mud run, and then it got canned for the whole school?

don't ask me why the dances fall under the purview of ccad.

[roy] you sit down and shaddup. no dancing for you, you... broken back thing.

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