Tuesday, 7th March '06

Here I Go Again

I really thought I got over these silly Quizilla-type things, but to follow will (I warn you first) a long list of quizes that I came across on Limin's blog. I then started to do them because someone else beat me to the TV room and I can't watch American Idol, and I really don't want to be reading about the Child Support Guidelines. Any excuse to escape work, really.

And before I start, here's a shout out to Robert Daley. Ok, you made it to the coveted position of a mention on my blog. wink

Oh yeah, and just covering my ass so that I don't suffer any Salem Witch Trials when someone hears it from someone etc etc, the Smub girls / 401 girls can MSN me about my "exciting life" on Saturday. I'm not going to blog it, that's a bit too much information even from me. Qiong was there for the before and after lah, I suppose she's mightily amused because by the time I came back from that spontaneous, uncharacteristic expedition to the Dome (which was like a nicer, "cleaner" Phuture - you'd like it, Kai and Jem) I couldn't resist MSNing her at some insane time in the morning. The convo was full of Mr Google's (i.e. O_o) and amused smiley faces. Haha, it was probably a good sign that I was still smiling the next morning because it was all so cute and sweet and nice, but don't get your hopes up yet. We'll see what happens, although sweet and nice is quite important, I'd say. cool eh?

Girls' night on Sunday with Clo, Solene, Susann and Franzi was nice too... it's was an interesting twist getting into the ol' "SATC mode" (as we call it when Tzo gets into it) with girls from vastly different cultural backgrounds and different age groups (note to self: must learn to resist the urge to tease Susann). Gives one some perspective, but none of the observations made that night were to leave the table, and none will. In the interests of truth, given the size of Halifax, we did eventually end up meeting the whole bunch of boys at the Lower Deck. I (jokingly, of course) blame Susann for gravitating there after what was supposed to be a random stroll down the waterfront. I should have known she couldn't leave Freddy for just one night. crazy But on that note, watching the live band performing Billy Jean was worth it. They did it as a birthday gift for one of the guys... at least he was high enough to enjoy it, while criticising the reticence of the other Europeans. Italians are different - they have passion, he says.

Yeah anyways. I have dragged out my time-wasting long enough. Spent the last hour alternating between MSN, iTunes and typing those last two paras. So here are the quizes as promised:

You Are a Daisy

You see the world with an artist's eye.

Finding beauty is easy for you - even in the dullest of moments.

You notice all of the colors of the world, from fresh grass to sunsets.

You are a total optimist and hedonist. You love to drink life in.

At least it's my favourite flower! You lily-limins can kiss my ass. smile

Your Spicy Score: Mild

You may not make the hottest first impression..

But you're definitely the type of girl that sticks in a guy's mind.

You prefer to play things cool. You know that good things come to those who wait.

And the amazing thing about you is that you get hotter over time!

Mild? I'm more like... frigid.

You Are Raspberry Chocolate Lip Gloss

You tend to approach life as a fun game - being playful at every turn.

You're a flirt with flair, and your the type most likely to surprise your date.

But you're popularity doesn't stop with guys... you've got a great group of girlfriends too!

You're fresh, aggressive, and more than a little sassy. The tangy taste of raspberry and watermelon goes great on your lips.

There's a thing I realise about these girly quiz things. They never ever say anything bad about you. I mean, they'd never rate you as "Pistachio-Sardine" lip gloss that tastes like crap and no guy ever wants to go near, even if it is true, would they? *dismissive snort*

You Belong in New York City

You're an energetic, ambitious woman.

And only NYC is fast enough for you.

Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer career

Or simply take in all the city has to offer.

Actually, no.

Your Scent is Lemon

Vivacious, tangy, and lively

You are one gigantic ball of energy!

They actually got it right! Citrus rocks. But right now it's more woodsy-grapefruit.

You Are Skinny Heel Boots

You always look great - from your styled hair to your sleek boots.

Ouch. Mighty uncomfortable.

You Are a Coy Flirt!

You're not so much a flirt as the type of girl who draws flirts in

While you look like you're just relaxing, secretly you've got your game on

A little look here, a little wink there... you give men the encouragement they crave

And in return, they flirt up a storm with you - while you just sit and smile

Hilarious. I couldn't tell a flirt if it hit me on the head with a broomstick.

Okie, back to work.

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I don't get this. How did you manage to meet up with Qiong Hui? Isn't she in UMich? How'd she travel so far to Halifax???
Good job Enz, you've got me hooked on your blog.


hahah i like the coy flirt part..muahahahahhhahahahahhaha big grin

and i agree with sweet and nice!

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied