Friday, 10th March '06

Rain City

"Almost too much for my heart, when it rains
Oh tears my soul apart, when it rains
It rains so slowly
In the city where I'm from."
-- Turin Brakes, "Rain City"

No no, it's not a melancholy entry. It was just that my iPod started playing it and given the "4 degrees Celsius. Overcas. Light rain and fog." state of Halifax weather, it's a befitting-enough opening quote. Turin Brakes ain't half bad. Time to surreptitiously acquire his latest album - which will entail me spending a couple of hours hanging out at the Computer Science Second Cup (a good enough thing since that means I'll be reading some Family Law, or Entertainment Law. Or not).

Now we all know that when I start voraciously blogging with this level of frequency it means that the other ways in which I should be more meaningfully spending my life are also piling up. By that I mean the school work is reaching healthy pre-exam levels and I should really be starting to write the major paper if I want to have anything left of a birthday at all. Having a birthday in April starts to suck once you realise that that's peak uni-work time, bleugh. But my point is that the more work I should be doing, the more I end up blogging. It just seems like a more legitimate excuse to procrastinate than, say, watching my 7th episode of Desperate Housewives in the past 3 days. *shrug*

So here are the updates for the week:

"How's things on the __ front?": I know Babs and Dage understand this sentence structure. No updates, man. Gerri I have told the story, and Tzo... sorry I had to cut it off so abruptly. Will MSN you next time!

The Importance of Being Earnest: So, I finally got round to watching this adorable Oscar Wilde comedy... a number of things struck me at the time, first and foremost the absurdity of the Susann-mix up. Sigh. What a mess, and such an "all for the want of a horseshoe nail" situation. But that aside, it's hard to believe this was the same man who wrote the Picture of Dorian Gray. The script was so endearing, so funny and yet so true. Quotes to come. And I was pleasantly surprised by the enjoyable nature of a "night at the theatre" - even if the SMU theatre consisted of a bunch of plastic chairs in what looked kind of like the RGS Hall. My point being that I really haven't experienced the joy of a nice school play since, oh I don't know, ELDDS? Oh yeah, there was "Scared", but somehow that wasn't quite the same. There was all that modern theatre, Necessary Stage style, and all that Dance Ensemble things that I did, but again, not the same. There's something special about letting students put their own spin on something timeless like "The Importance of Being Earnest" or "The Mousetrap" and seeing what happens. Of course it wasn't impeccable, off-timed sound cues and missed lines were a-plenty, but the whole package was very acceptable.

Oh, and you know, the atmosphere of the audience of friends and proud, smiling parents, it's sweet in its own way. I guess the kid-performer in me misses that... moving on to the next level of more (dare I say it) "professional" work with the TFYE and DE, you don't get that quaint small-time atmosphere anymore... you perform in the UCC Hall that seats 1300 at a time, or you perform in the BlackBox but you have newspaper-worthy directors like TC screaming at you (ok, ME. Haha). You get to mess with budgets of 30K, you hire Stage Managers and Lighting Designers and your work at your craft until you blister; you do magazine interviews, worry about Inkpot reviews, you want to bludgeon the CFA, whatever... it's so rewarding but it's so... stark, in a way. It's not warm and fuzzy and "family"-like, it's work and "adult". I'm not saying I don't like the progression from "small time" stuff - it's the growing up, after all - but it's nostalgic.

Ok, too mushy and rambly. Um, what's next?

Talkie-Talks: It's also been a week of attending guest speakers' talks. Possibly because Don McGowan of Microsoft is such an alluring speaker and says such useful things, I ended up 3 of his guest lectures consecutively. Lecture on "Identity Theft: On the Internet Nobody Knows You're a Dog" (see why I say alluring speaker?), panel discussion on work in the law and technology industry, and lecture on tips for finding a job in the US. Didn't hurt that there was a free flow wine and cheese reception after. The white was really quite decent.

Major Paper: Nothing doing yet. Took two books out of the library today, and with luck I will not succumb to naggings to go to Pacifico. Must be mugger toady. *ribbit*.

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