Saturday, 18th March '06

Irish for a Day

-- "Boondock Saints Theme"

Funnily enough, the first thing that struck me about St Patrick's Day was the fact that Lucas just left Ireland to go back to Singapore / Malaysia a few days before the big day. But then I guess he's seen enough of it over the past years. Gimme a shout if you see this, bro. You've been so delightfully MIA lately.

So St Patrick's Day came... with all the fanfare and anticipation one could have wished for. Chris (LeFort) was right when he said St Patty's was bigger than Christmas - there was certainly a lot more planning and excitement leading up to it than I've seen for any holiday so far! The reason for this, obviously, was the fact that St Patty's is the ultimate drinking holiday. As the song goes, "Lord bless Charlie Mops, the man who invented beer beer beer, tiddly beer beer beer..."

Of course, the holiday also involves all sorts of other alcoholic beverages of Irish origin - the Guiness and the Bailey's etc etc.

Oh yes, and I think it's also supposed to be the Catholic Church's celebration of the day of Ireland's patron Saint, and something akin to National Day there... but no one in Canada really gives a crap about that.

For my part, I was quite happy to soak in the commerical, party atmosphere of it all. We all know I'm not much for the drinking on a normal basis, but when a Full Day is set aside for it and drinking is the entire spirit of the holiday, not even I was going to let that pass. Bring it on, I say. Alright, perhaps I didn't embrace it as fully as the boys in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Jem says he got drunk enough not to remember patches of last night, which is still normal for the guys here, i think - but hey, I had my fun with the GREEN BEER. More of that later. Overall, it's an adorable holiday, we should stake out the Dubliners at Dhoby Ghaut next year, Smubs.

Back to the photoblog. The pictures do speak a thousand words, and it was one of the most fun nights I've had here.

My involvement with St Patty's started at 3 in the afternoon at the Grawood. Though none of us started the boozing at that point, there were a whole bunch of Canadians already in full swing. Chris was already hosting his beer party at his place, in any case, and every table at the Grawood was full of people in green hats, shamrock tatoos and other green things getting some "green" into themselves. And the SMU Germans, left to their own devices, were turning the Gorsebrook Lounge into something of an Ocktoberfest starting 2:30 pm - green hair, green T-shirts, and beer all over the place. I saw some of Susann's pictures, haha, it looked a bit like a soccer match.

Bert, you would totally have loved the greenness of this holiday. The tradition goes that if you don't wear at least one item of green clothing that day, you can get pinched / punched / bodily injured in some other way.

Anyways, this is us:

Yeah, Rob borrowed a hat off someone and we decided to do portrait photos.

We lost Mick, who couldn't be bothered to stick around if we weren't going to drink. Haha. So the Grawood bit was just sitting around and people watching. Interestingly enough, Rob and I met a Canadian who lived in Malaysia for a few years - so he started talking about Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik and Kacang Puteh and started making me hungry...

And then we left the Grawood and split up from there.

My next part involved catching the Germans for a change of scene. We (Susann, Freddy, Pierre and I) started walking down from the Y at around 6:30pm, catching the French Fries (Clo, Solene and Simon) there and the picking up Andre from Macs. Once again, En Ying being the only non-SMU, non-European. One gets used to this.

On to the Rogue's Roost. It's a nice sort of bar... a little classier than the St Patty's style, so it wasn't serving green beer and there weren't green-clad undergrads jumping around. It was more a place for yuppies to chill at... an impression of high-classness I got of the place sustained from Sara's (a law classmate's) birthday party there. Cool place, but we were looking for St Patty's spirit. We let the Germans catch a beer and moved on.

A bit of a walk later, around 7:30pm we ended up at Cheers. Ok, I admit, I was on something of a mission and had a one-track mind. Green Beer? Ok. The best part of Cheers was that the Green Beer was DIY! We were given a shot glass with some colouring in it, and a straw. Haha. I got a bit trigger happy with the food dye.

This is Clo carefully dyeing the Keith's. I don't have the pictures of me doing it (Solene's cam) but I basically got tired of doing it drop by drop and started tipping the shot glass of dye right in. Lingwei says the Green Beer looked like wheatgrass juice. Haha. I made sure mine looked even grosser. smile

A green-stained thumb (licked it clean under Andre's goading) and therefore a few green teeth later, I ended up with Keith's the same colour as my jacket. Whoo!

[picture to come]

And here are the girls at Cheers:

Cheers was alright, I guess. The French Fries thought it was too dark; I thought it was too sleepy and bit too quiet. The one-man live band playing was playing celtic music, but the slow-going kind. And at one point a Korean dude got up to sing a Korean song and for some reason everyone expected me to know it. plain

Hung out there just sitting and drinking and chatting for a couple of hours, before the French Fries and I decided we needed another change of scene. This was turning into something of an unplanned pub crawl. The French Fries knew a bunch of people from their MBA programme at SMU who were going to be at the Beer Market, so there we went at around 9:30pm. The Beer Market, by the way, is an adjunct to the famous Lower Deck, and one cover gets you into it all.

So that's where we went to do the partying for the rest of the night. It was a heck of a lot of fun... this was the place with the true St Patty's spirit - green and silver streamers with shamrocks dangling from the ceiling, green hats with "Irish for a Day" printed on them, people with "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" shirts, green bobbly-shamrock hairbands, antlers, beads, kilts... you name it, someone there had it. The band was awesome too... playing everything from the Killers to the traditional pub songs. And this time there were enough people singing along, dancing and banging beer mugs to make it fun. So cool.

More pictures, now:

Me and French girls, Clo on your left and Solene on your right.

Me and French boy, Simon.

Go green: typically dressed-up "Irish" man and lady.

Simon and Solene.

With a bunch of the MBA people. Guy in the middle there is Tom, who might have been the most out-of-control drunk I've ever seen. At the time of the taking of the picture he was drunk alright, but still standing. Yet, he was drunk enough to be buying everyone drinks - and who am I to say "no" to free Coronas? satisfied Decided to stay away from the green dye this time.

But by the time we decided to take our happy selves to the dance floor (there was a sort of a subsidiary disco area where they were playing generic R&B Hiphop things), Tom was blind drunk. Completely unsteady, completely in the mood to force every available female to discofox with him. He particularly set his sights on Clo and the poor girl was fending him off the entire night. It was damn funny lah, when he started to try to Riverdance and do that Russian kicking dance thing, but at some point he began to drag people down with him, and it just got annoying.

But by that time it was almost 1:30pm and I was about to keel over anyways. No party stamina, this one. wink And alcohol makes me sleepy. So we just bummed around the Beer Market part again before deciding we were going to go home.

So yeah, that was the end of the St Patty's partying. It was loads of fun, when everyone saves up their partying energy for one night... totally beats the normal weekend mandatory partying, in my opinion. Maybe I only know how to have fun for an occasion, but this was wonderful. rolls eyes

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ironically, st patty's day this year falls during lent, when folk are supposed to give up something. erm i guess most folk didn't give up drinking this year. hahasmile


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did i tell you... my dad told my mum that asking me to fly with you guys was a bad idea because you two drink too much? i swear i dunno where he got that idea - maybe he actually remembered the story of Oteam Chalet 2004 and the "terrible terrible"

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