Thursday, 23rd March '06

'Tis the Season...

Was in the midst of teaching Chris (LeFort) Singlish - hey, if he can learn Chinese he can learn Singlish - with the aid of the Coxford Singlish Dictionary, when I ran into this.

A rather old format, but actually quite challenging. It's (quite obviously) a varient of the old whack-the-gofer games, but featuring good ol' JBJ (Joshua Benjamin Jeyeretnam, errant politician and father of a senior partner of the law firm I interned at last year) as the unfortunate gofer, and the player as the humble Singaporean citizen wielding the People's Action Party's logo and zapping him with the red lightning bolt that's (curiously enough) supposed to depict "action".

Mmmph. rocks, sometimes. Try it yourself! (Click the picture.)

JBJ is a lot more deft than one might have expected.

My first score was 9/25. The result:
"WALKOVER! You must try harder to be a good citizen."

Second score, 18/25:
"WALKOVER! You are a proud grassroots follower."

Third score, 23/25:
"WALKOVER! Would you like to run for MP?" The best part is that Minister Mentor Lee's face appears next to the score.

Talk about inane, addictive online games.

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3 photographs developed.


hey dajie! just popping by to say hello. u never ever tag my tagboard u lousy! anyways.. i like the shy girl song. so nice so cute and i can see u are an addict. unlike techno knowhow whatsoever to download music..i'm a rarity in this age of advent piracy.
come back early for summer then big grin we can hangout and hopefully you'll be my drinking buddy this time.. MOS here we come! razz big grin


oops forgot to add!
i miss u! muchmuch!


haha... babs... sorry lah. will go do it now. taggity tag.

drinking buddy my ass lah - you got JnJ not enough meh? you leave comment like that... i can so see my friends here snorting in disgust at the prospect of me being ANYONE'S drinking buddy.

but count me in for MOS. place looks awesome - what do you think are the odds of me getting a job there? haha... i want a job doing something event management... hmmm...

and miss you too.

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