Friday, 24th March '06

The Hokkien Speeding Song

Ahahahaha... found this off Mr Miyagi's blog. Someone left him a tag saying thanks for putting up this little treasure, and how Singaporeans overseas need stuff like this to get a taste of home. I agree, though - it's crass and all, but it's pretty nostalgic.

*please play it* Hokkien songs are too annoying for the autostart to be set on "true".

-- "The Hokkien Speeding Song"

*sings along happily*

Wu lang speeding, wu lang doh ban ban so
Wu lang jit chiu wa chia jit chiu ga
girlfriend po
Wu lang kwa za bor kee long dio lao ah por!

Ai jip CBD tio beh dua - bus lane le doh zai SIAM!

AHAHAHAHAH... my Hokkien (it's a Chinese dialect) really isn't advanced enough for me to understand the whole thing, but those lines tickled me no end. They pretty much mean: "Some people speed, some people drive slowly / Some people steer the car with one hand while they hug their girlfriend with the other / Some people look at chicks walking by and drive their car into an old grandmother... When you want to enter the CBD [my Hokkien fails me] remember to run away from the bus lanes!"

I think I should play this for Dad when he's driving.... haha. We'll then go into one of our usual silly laughing fits in the car. Heck, I know Mum and Dad are going to love this song, so I'm going to email it to them anyway. Mum especially... man, if I could just find her a REAL "Tee Oh Oh" recording.

Digression aside, here's the Mandarin rap at the end, just because I'm putting off working on the major paper and because well... because:

人说马路如虎口 交通规则你要遵守
红灯停来 禄灯走 黄灯一亮就别踩油
宁可迟到几分钟 不要急着把命送!

Alright. Nose back to grindstone.

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*AHAHAHA* i totally understand the music fixation. At least yours is relatively....specific. When you listen to songs from three languages, you start realising you're in a whole lot more trouble finding things to satisfy you, just cos you're open to practically anythign ((O_O))

and it's alright, the boyband thing. *lol8 i always knew you were a closet teenybopper you XD at least more than me in any case *lol*


THREE languages is nothing. i have music from SIX languages and counting. half the fun of being on exchange is raiding the foreign music collections wink

but i guess i'm relatively genre specific - kai hates that i can't give her any hiphop r&b stuff.

did you get the driving song, you canto-girl?

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