Sunday, 26th March '06

I Look Like Kim Jong Il. Yay.

Found this link off JY's blog... since it told her she looked like Magic Johnson, I obviously couldn't resist giving it a whirl. Ok, maybe not so obvious, but look at it in light of the fact that I've been at home stoning at my major paper research all day. I think I deserve a break.

So what this "My Heritage" thing does, really, is to compare your facial structure with it's existing database and see if you look like anyone in the database, in an effort to trace your roots. By uploading a number of photos, you'll get a bunch of results generated and if certain people keep popping up, you're probably related by your great-great-great-great-whatever. It's probably one of those efforts that's as much bullshit as truth, but using its celebrity database tends to produce some oddball results.

Whatever it might be, it beats more Quizilla quizes.

And here are the results:

Round 1

I always knew I was unique (just like everyone else), but this is taking it a bit far.

Round 2

You have to understand that my results as shown above didn't quite appear like that at first instance. I jsut composited the pictures for convenience. They actually come out one at a time. So when I first saw that I look 72% like BoA, I had a bit of a mixed reaction. I don't suppose that looking like BoA would be a BAD thing, but having links to a cutsy Japanese pop star? Hmm. Now I know you guys are laughing already - me and cutsy Jap pop stars don't mix, I know.

(She IS a cutsy Jap pop star, right? I know next to nothing about Jap music.)

At least Ayumi Hamasaki's hot. The only reason I know this is from the humongous posters of her that used to hang in Orchard MRT's Popular branch... that one where she has nothing but her hair covering her boobs.

And Michelle Yeoh kicks ass - quite literally too.

Naomi Campbell I'd pass on; would much prefer Tyra Banks, but I guess one should know one's limitations wink.

Round 3

Ayumi Hamasaki and Maggie Cheung again. Maggie Cheung is also cool. Great. I suppose Mary-Kate aside, these are respectable results.

Round 4

Haha... Sammi Cheng. I remember those facial mask ads - what was it that she said now? Something about "zap zap zap! All the spots are gone!"? I think I like the fact that I might be related to Kim Jung Il the best. Woohoo.

[Additional note: suddenly realised that all the men I look like are damn taukua bin lah. Good grief. If my son has a taukua bin I think I will shoot myself. Taukua bin being a word that Mum uses to describe a certain "soft" sort of look in a man. The idea being that his bin (face) looks like, um, taukua (dried beancurd).]

Oh, and just out of interest... that last photo was taken together with SHAUN HO ZHIRUI. And the program scanned both faces at the same time. It says he looks like he's related to Henrik Larsson (68%), Hu Jintao (58%), Jim Morrison (53% - how cool is that?), Uma Thurman (52%), Carson Daly (49%), Jamie Cullum (48%) and Julia Roberts (46%).

Oi, suddenly my results macam not as intersting, one.

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2 photographs developed.


hahha u are related to Jang Dong gun! he's like so goodlooking in all about eve. and BoA is cool..not that cutesy u know? smilehahahaahah i cant beieve shaun is related to julia roberts. hahahahha


who IS jang dong gun? i've never even heard of him. and he's ugly lah, dey. BoA i don't mind... i THINK i may have done that jap street jazz number to one of her songs at last year's evocation...but i'm never really sure when i can't understand a thing they're saying.

you go do it babs... if they come out with hamadryas baboons i will just Laugh My Ass Off.

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