Wednesday, 29th March '06

Maybe I Should Just Go Conserve Pandas In China

Taking a break from the major paper. For all interested (and the various ones who understood the Hattori Hanzo references) - it's finally coming along. It right now consists of an 8-page introduction (!!!) and 4 pages of Patent Law overview. Die lah. I only have 35 pages within which to overview copyright and trademarks, analyse the theories and policies behind IP Law (utilitarian theory, labour-desert theory, anti-competition, spirit of sport...), break down sports moves into their constituent categories (let's see now: basic building blocks, unique developed moves / techniques, routine-oriented performances, distinguishing features...) and apply all the law and theories to each category. And then I need to synthesize it all into a workable spectrum of moves that increase in complexity and prove that applying IP law in the higher end is justifiable.


*We interrupt this programme for a special Ah Lian spew*

Siao boh. Wa mai tak chek liao. Wa eh lao beh gong, na si mai tak chek, then come home lah! But hor, wa nang si Singapore eh nang, buay sai suka suka become "Quitter". Na si wa nang eh Senior Minister gong eh. Also, wa nang diang diang an neh qio gua: "there was a time when people said that Singapore won't make it, but we did". Ai sai eh, you all don't see-me-no-up.

*end Ah Lian spew*
*We now return you to scheduled programming*

Oh good glory. I just typed an either paragraph in CLASSIC Singlish Hokkien. I love Singlish, but this frightens me. Will stop reading "Talking Cock" from now on. Better yet, never listen to that "Zhng My Car" Podcast ever again. That came out so spontaneously it wasn't even funny.

Anyway, here are the usual mix of random ramblings:

1. Suddenly discovered an appetite for Trip-Hop. Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" is an awesome song. Yeah I know none of back home have heard of her - she's the voice of Frou Frou. The O.C. soundtrack? Garden State Soundtrack? Ring any bells? Oh, fergeddit.

2. I got the Lion King Soundtrack! And sent the sing-a-long bits to a grumpy Vicki last night. She thinks I'm nuts. She usually does. Out of sheer En Ying-ness I also downloaded the movie script. Is fantastic, the fella transcribed all the animation directions and a good bit of the cinematography. Qiong says I should act it now ("Now! Now! Go! Go!"). I told her she was psychotic. smile

Eh, remember the night at Chelsea Hostel in NYC... the night of Kiat's birthday when he was manifesting severe allergic reactions to the Coronas? And when we were singing Disney songs and (ok, fine, I was) bellowing the African lyrics to "Circle of Life"? Tzo's "OMIGAWD, EN YING..." expression is still seared firmly in my mind. Anyway, I've one-upped myself again. I now know the CORRECT African lyrics:

My previous mutilated version of the song

"MAAAAAAAAA, je-viet-NIIIAAAAAHHHHH habba-BEET-chee-baba
Sita-hooommm weng-yem-mah
Weng-yen-baba haka-ba
[repeat to form background to English vocals]

What I know now are the right lyrics

"Nants ingonyama bagithi baba
Sithi uhhmm ingonyama
Nants ingonyama bagithi baba
Sithi uhhmm ingonyama
Siyo Nqoba
--> there's actually a *click* in this word, if anyone remembers Russell Peters ("!Xobile")
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala..."

(I actually think I wasn't too far off the mark. I got about, um, all the vowels correct.)

What that gibberish really means

There comes a lion
Oh yes, it is a lion
There comes a lion
Oh yes, there comes a lion
It is a lion
We are going to conquer
It is a lion
It is a lion and a tiger...

Hey, but seriously, it's one of my alltime favourite songs... and the accompanying visuals of the animals gathering round while Rafiki presents the new prince Simba to the crowd... it's just beautiful.

3. I'm watching American Idol again. Chris Daughtry is intense, in a good way. I still don't like the idea of rockers on Idol, but whatever. And I am annoyed they got rid of my sweet little Kevin Corvais. Stupid America. And Pickler is the most adorable dumb blonde I've ever seen. While we were watching it last week, Stirling was this close to drooling - which allowed me to hijack his guitar. *chuckle*

4. Seth and Summer on the O.C. are the most hilarious couple ever. And I will start taking bets that Marissa and Ryan will be back together by season four, and Volchok and Sadie will find some convenient reason to exit the scene, only to come back in season five in some absurd twist. Alternatively V and S will end up getting together (did anyone else see the writers setting that up during the Johnny's funeral eps?).

5. The YMCA Salamie Thief is getting more and more daring. He has taken...
- Susann's salami, 1 entire box.
- David's salami, 1 entire box.
- Salleh's salami, 1 entire box.
- Salleh's bread, half a slice (HALF A SLICE! Thief put the other jaggedly torn half back.)
- Jessika's bread, indeterminate amount.
- Alex's milk, 2 full litres.
- My egg, 1.


6. No research gig for me in Halifax this summer. I now need to find alternative ways to fill my time. I refuse to do anymore law internships in Singapore as they're a bloody waste of time - not unless I can just do pure volunteer work at the Legal Aid Bureau, which was such an inspiring internship last summer. In the meantime I have sent in a couple of applications for funny things like being a show presenter in the Zoo / Bird Park, a DUCKtainer for DuckTours, a front office assistant at Zouk (got free suppers and they drive you home, I think), and a freelance graphics designer for Wealth Mentors. None of which I am particularly strung-up on getting. The other alternative is running around Italy, Turkey, Greece, Prague and Frankfurt with Dage and Erge and my 60kg of luggage (which is heavy enough to be another person of its own). And then I need to worry about when Zenith might come to Singapore. Oh, and I found all these volunteer things to go to safaris in Africa to count wildlife, or to conserve Pandas in Xi'an. Who's got 5000 bucks to spare?

7. Speaking of which, Sara's coming to Singapore!! For REAL. She's a classmate of mine in Dal. She got her confirmation from Dal today and messaged me about it, which is fantastic. So she and her boyfriend, Chris, will be arriving in January and I get to do the whole tourguiding thing. smile It's a pity she'll only be there for the winter term, otherwise I would have made her go for Fright Night at Sentosa. She'd scream like crazy.

Ok, that's enough now.

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5 photographs developed.

Dinoroy the bored:

Bugger you enying. always see me online but never say 'hi'. =P I'm high on drugs...


note: I did not say you were mad. I said you were great and sooooo excellent at making me not grumpy!


[roy] mad lah you. you're a friggn' SPAMMER. smile are you SERIOUSLY high? beware of what caroline will say

[vic] good grief, you're blog-reading! get back to your thesis! shoo! and you did say i was mad.


Hello! Come learn diving in M'sia/Indo -- I'm thinking of doing my dive master course. Your basic will only take 4-5 days if you can face the giant squid. Am prob. back in S'pore this summer too. Zoo work sounds fantastic, perhaps should get ass in gear and give you some competition hah!
Not working. MUCH WORK to do. Screwed.


hey! you're right - that IS a thought. would you also get ur mum to speak to my mum about it? actually my dad is the bigger factor, tho. *sigh*

and for heaven's sake, if you apply for the zoo job - who'd pick a law student over a cam natsci? but travelling to mandai everyday would be a bitch.

i got an enthusiastic email asking me to go for an interview to work at bar none though. haha. all i can say is this might turn out to be another marriott saga *wink at kai*

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