Friday, 31st March '06

When There's Nothing Left to Burn You Have to Set Yourself on Fire

Right. It's the weekend again at last. The whole of the past week has been passed in a ridiculously majorepaper-induced trance like state. It's nowhere near finished, by the way, but at least I got that presentation settled. Heh. One thing that exchange does to you (ok, high-strung control freaks produced by the NUS Law like me) is that you realize how to relac one corner.

I'm going to digress for a short racist joke, I'm sorry. I really have nothing against Mats - in fact I think they have an incredibly cute culture and attitude and I know some really smart Mats - but this was so funny I couldn't let it go:
How do you confuse a Mat Roker?
Draw a circle around him and tell him to relac one corner!

*wipes tears from eyes, laughing too hard*

So anyways. Today I presented a 5 min presentation prepared in about 15 min. To some form of critical acclaim too! Whee. Total relac one corner... just ramble on. And when they ask questions it's all nice and informal and friendly - it's not like the presentations we did in school in Year 1. Where the profs barbecue your ass for an hour.

Ok, will finish this blog later - having a big exciting scuba diving conversation with Tzo.


Right, it's actually Saturday morning now - got too tired and lazy and snoozy and couch-potatoy to finish it. So. The suger shack excursion starts in a couple of hours - with an all you can eat syrup buffet at the end of it, I may be bouncing around like Tigger on speed by the time I come back. Which, I suppose, would put me in a decent mood for the big day tomorrow. Or tonight - I'm never quite sure how this time zone thing works out.

And thanks, Babs, I saw your birthday wishes on your blog. April is such a Smubby birthday month. Kai, Babs, Bert - 4 of us is a lot out of 10... and then there's ZH and Tian'ai too... one wonders what special event happened in August 1983.

I also thought I might be hit by some modicum of wisdom, insight or at LEAST, another quarterlifecrisis as the 21st year draws to an end. *shrug* Nope. I have lost my angst. Haha. Maybe that IS the sign of growing up.

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4 photographs developed.


it was national day HAHA


aiyoh ah ma: it took me like 3 readings to get what you meant by that. sheesh.

but you know what... it could be true if every april we have lots of babies. could be people feeling nationalistic on national day and remembering the government's pleas to have "two or more if you can afford it". thought to ponder.

or it could just be fireworks being a romantic thing.


happy birthday enz! i know it's not quite ur birhtday in canada..but by aussie time it is!!! razz


thanks babs...

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied