Wednesday, 12th April '06

F-Izzay Sh-Izzay, Ry-Izzy Zi-Izzy!

Ok, that's probably not exactly how that Snopp Dogg language thing is supposed to turn out, but that's my strongest impression of last night.. I think in real English it means "For sure, Ryder Ziola", but given the not-very-sober mental state of the people I was with last night, I'm really not so certain. confused

For the record, I'm going to make a big blog over this because it's THE FIRST TIME VICKI'S EVER COME OUT AT NIGHT. Yes folks, she is not allowed to go watch a movie with her harmless friend En Ying, but she's allowed to go out and get drunk with Ry-Izzy Zi-Izzy. No fair.

So all I intended to do was to go and give the girl a hug and congratulations on the finishing of university - and of COURSE, given the amount of study-discipline I have exhibited over the past months, it turned into sitting at Rogue's Roost playing with confetti (don't ask) and raspberry beer and having my name mangled beyond recognition by Vic and Ryder's friend, Ian. I guess at the back of my mind I knew I might never get Vic out at night again, and when I leave in May I may never see her again for... like... forever.

Dammit. This goodbye nonsense is getting too much. All this "it's the last time we'll do _ in Halifax" occasions are such bummers.

In any case, I'm not exactly sure why we ended up laughing so much, but I haven't had such stupid conversations in a while. Subject matter of the conversation oscillated between:

- Fact that their exams were all over. Mine aren't, by the way.

- Ian's "business cards" that Vicki was unabashedly shredding into confetti.

- The confetti fetish (say that 10 times quickly).

- That whole black ebonics speech thing. Now imagine this: 2 white boys and 2 Chinese girls talking about Snoopp Dogg and Jay-Z and assorted Hip Hop slang. Funnily enough, the live music dude at Rogue's Roost does a mean beatbox - upon which Vic seemed to find it appropriate to announce this:

Vic: En Ying knows every lyric to every song in the Lion King soundtrack
Me: NO I DON'T. I don... *thinks*. Um. Yeah, ok, whatever...
Ian: I think it's open mic night.
Me: No it isn't.
Ian: He [referring to beatbox dude] can do your backups...
Ryder: ...while you throw down the Hakuna Matata. [Proceeds to rap out "Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase!" to the tune that beatbox dude is spilling.]

Good grief.

- The true connotations of the term "ang mo kia" (Hokkien for "white boy") and Ryder's growing frustration that Vicki's mum uses "racial slurs" on him. I maintain "ang mo kia" is a term of endearment.

- No, for the thousandth time, my name is not "Onion". *snort* These ang mo kia cannot make it lah.

- The Parking Baron (long story).

- The "tapability" of every Computer Science helpdesk / admin female. That was for the boys, anyway - and if you don't know what that means I'm not explaining it. Given that the females in question were CS girls, it was a conversation that was over rather quickly (ok, that's a bit mean).

In the meantime, Vicki and I contented ourselves with whinging about the typical Chinese boys' utter lack of taste - and how they always go for the sweet, petite, quiet, shy, characterless, slightly plain Chinese girls, leaving people like us with not very much in the way of options. Well, at least she lives in Canada. I still have to go home to humji Chinese boys (as Limin calls them).

- Sambuca tastes like shit. It's really the most disgusting thing I've tasted since Cod Liver Oil.

- The strange raw meat affair that some Chinese girl gave Ian. I still suspect she gave him pig's blood and didn't tell him.

Oh, and one other thing I forgot to mention - one of my Legal Accounting classmates is a scuba diving instructor. He just gave me a useful factoid for my mum: the risk of injury in scuba diving is the same as in bowling. HOW COOL IS THAT? I think I might actually be able to get away with it this time. July, Malaysia, Pulau Perhentian anyone?

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haha, en, knowing your parents, i think it'll take much more than that to convince them... heh. but in even tthat they r convinced, make it june and i'll gladly join u!*grin*


june! tzo, how??


no can do. I am in England till the end of June, because I don't graduate till then. You two can always go in June though, as I'm going anyway it's not a big deal whether people come with me or not, though it'd be great.


meeeppp... (if that works in this context)


oh and gerri - when in june? do you have the open water cert already or will you join me in the thing? i feel like the last loser on the planet without the cert.


yes stupid humji chinese boys is the term.. i think that's more incriminating that ang-mo-kia big grin hahahah and there is NO DOUBT that their taste is appalling..i'm beginnign to think it's a singaporean chinese boy thing.. big grin

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