Monday, 17th April '06

Perfect Music For Property Division

How considerate. There's actually a soundtrack to my Family Law studying; check out these topics:


And he knew as long as this old world kept turning
He wanted her by his side
So with a ring and a nervous smile
And some lines that he'd rehearsed
He said the sweetest words that she'd ever heard

And she said: "Yes," to his whole-hearted request.
And they'll hold on for dear life 'til the last stars fade.
No they won't let go, it's beyond their control
They lit a flame with a match God had made
When she said: "Yes."
-- Rhett Akins, "And She Said Yes"

Separation and Domestic Contracts

If you ain't no punk holla "We Want Prenupt"
Yeah, it's something that you need to have
'Cause when she leave yo' ass she gon' leave with half
18 years, 18 years
And on the 18th birthday he found out it weren't his!
-- Kanye West and Jamie Foxx, "Gold Digger"

I actually really like this stanza. That "on the 18th birthday he found out it weren't his" cracks me up everytime.

Divorce & Property Division

I told you why I changed my mind; I got bored by playing with time
I know you thought you had me nailed, but I've freed my head from your garden rails

Now it's a legal matter, baby
You got me on the run
It's a legal matter, baby
A legal matter from now on

My mind's lost in a household fog; wedding gowns and catalogs
Kitchen furnishings and houses; maternity clothes and baby's trousers

Now it's a legal matter, baby
Marrying's no fun
It's a legal matter, baby
A legal matter from now on
-- The Who, "A Legal Matter"

Custody & Access

Crazy joy when I see the eyes of my baby boy
I pledge to you I will always do everything I can
Show you how to be a man
Dignity, integrity, honour and
I donít mind if you lose long as you came with it
An you can cry - ainít no shame in it
It didnít work out with me and your Mom
But, yo, push come to shove
You was conceived in love
So if the world attacks and you slide off track
Remember one fact:
I got your back
-- Will Smith, "Just the Two of Us"

Child & Spousal Support

I know somebody payin' child support for one of his kids
His baby momma's car and crib is bigger than his
You will see him on TV, Any Given Sunday
Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai
She was s'pose to buy ya shorty TYCO with ya money
She went to the doctor got lipo' with ya money
She walkin around lookin like Micheal with ya money
Should of got that insured, got GEICO for ya moneeey
-- Kanye West & Jamie Foxx, "Gold Digger"

Domestic Violence / Child Protection

就因为喝醉酒 他就能拿我妈出气
我真的看不下去 以为我较细汉
从小到大只有妈妈的温暖 为什么我爸爸 那么凶
如果真的我有一双翅膀 二双翅膀 随时出发
偷偷出发 我一定带我妈走 从前的教育
别人的家庭 别人的爸爸种种的暴力因素一定都会有原因
-- 周杰伦, "爸我回来了"

Must. Stop. Time. Wasting.

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Lucas Luk:

hey dajie, i'm still alive. =p apologies for being MIA. will write to u soon


i didnt even bother looking at that list of songs..i'm just appalled that you can come up with songs for ur legal stuff.. good grief.... confused


[lucas!!!] tell me why i'm always so amazed to hear any little peep out of you? when are you gonna be back home? haven't seen u in a million years.

[babs] *chuckle* coming up with stuff for family law is easy. you should have seene wracking my brains for stuff for tzo's head bobbing lizards. finally settled for will smith's "black suits comin'" song.

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