Thursday, 20th April '06

Pandora's Box Might Not Be So Bad After All

Argh. Family law exam was completeed about half an hour ago. I still haven't regained the feeling in my right elbow. All this touchy-feely stuff isn't for me at all. It's the first time in my life I knew better what to do for the policy-based essay then for the hypotheticals. Grrr.


Why do I have to be such an incorrigible, anal perfectionist? It's exchange. I'm SUPPOSED to make exact calculations and pass by the skin of my teeth. BLEUGH.

Anyhow. I'm refusing to do work right now and wondering if I should go play ball or watch some madcap comedy or go get my Securities Regulation text and start mugging.

Did I mention that STARS ON ICE is tonight? Qiong, I get to see Kurt Browning live. *muahaha*. It's all rather exciting, but I'm feeling a little guilty about not studying. Especially since this semester has seen me turn into a bigger bum than even my exchange philosophy can handle.

In other news, the Pandora Music Genome Project is one hell of a piece of work. It's free streamed radio, but catered to your music taste based on the qualities of an artist or a song you enter. And it's got a really good database too - obscure to famous artists. Very nice, I'm hooked.

Argh, brain ache.

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