Saturday, 22nd April '06

European Boys are Like Prawns - Best Served Drunken.

Speaking of drunken prawns - I miss live seafood so much. I'm going to hit the Pepper Crab and Drunken Prawns the moment I get home, man.

Stars on Ice was also amazing. I swear, I could literally feel the buzz of being in the presence of greatness. Let me give you a rundown of the marquee names we saw:
- Kurt Browning (and Ryder gives himself 2 pats on the shoulder because Kurt's from Edmunton, Alberta) And I'm such a sucker I got an autographed poster. Heh.
- Elvis Stojko (Ontario) His Fox on Ice program to "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks was the FIRST real program I ever saw. I was 10, and hooked forever. So you can imagine me squealing away when he came out.
- Todd Eldredge (USA) Veteren, man. And I didn't even know he was performing. But when I saw the intro skate, and he did his distinctive goofy-axel (left-handed) I sat up and went "WHAT?". There's really only one elite male goofy skater.
- Jeff Buttle (Ontario) All fresh from his Olympic Bronze medal last February. Sigh. He was rather a disappointment. As everyone knows, his expressions and lines are gorgeous (total heart melt when he did James Blunt's "High") but he was obviously stressed out. I guess you could cut some slack for that. The only Canadian skater who placed this year, and thrown in with the best of the best. But falling on double loops is a bit unforgivable, for an Olympian.
- Joannie Rochette (Quebec) Techically pretty strong, but somehow she always seems a bit too heavy set to really go the distance. But definitely a deserving Canadian champion.
- Shen & Zhao (China) I never realised how good these guys were. And I mean REALLY GOOD. Humongous split-twists, clean smooth lifts, and impeccable musicality.
- Salé & Pelletier (Calgary & Quebec) Canada's golden couple, really. Olympic scandal or not, clear out Gold standard.
- Ina & Zimmerman (USA) Another couple of veterens I've been watching forever, and so great to see live. They had the audience really gasping at some of the insane stunts they pulled to "Vertigo". Breathtaking.
- Jennifer Robinson A Canadian too, but I didn't really care for her skating. It was a little weird that she was cast, because everyone there was a champion and she... wasn't.

Vic and I were laughing ourselves stupid - the whole production reeked (in a good way) of Scott Hamilton's goofy humour, and Kurt Browning and Elvis Stojko were such CLOWNS. I mean, they were the laujiao around, so everyone let them do whatever they wanted. And they fooled around at the edges stealing the limelight from the people ACTUALLY skating. Clowns. But so lovable. And Kurt in LEATHER PANTS! *grins widely* Ok, Vicki says it was more like PVC.

It was techically and artistically the best show I've EVER seen. Granted, nothing real like this ever came to Singapore, and Disney on Ice counts for shit. I think what I liked the best was the VISION behind it, and the desire to break away from the bastardisation of commercial skating (read: Disney on Ice) and give the people strong technical and artistic programs focusing on the skating and spirit again, and less on storylines and plots and other gimmicks. A back to basics good time, is what I had.

In other news, the end is nigh. All SMU students have finished all their exams and spent last night getting smashed. Well, the guys anyway. Last night seemed to be a night for the girls to be rather reticent, which made it a little less fun than it could have been. But the guys - ha! That's why I say European boys are best served drunk. Freddy was so friggin' hammered I couldn't stop laughing. You'd have to know how well-mannered and nice he is when he's sober to compare the madcap thing he is when drunk. Poor Susann. I was like: "Susann! Take your Freddy in hand. NOW!" And whoo, never underestimate the drunken Italians. When you have two hot-blooded Italians to yourself, you don't complain. wink *chuckle* It was pretty damn hilarious at times, though, and I'd be quite tickled to find out how much of it they remember. Apparently Michi has self-proclaimed himself my "boyfriend" and I have promised to wait for him to come and marry me in Singapore. sleepy Um, mama mia? Now that boy puts even Jem to shame for being an XXXXX.

It's sad though, that it's the last time I'll see some of the folks. Susann, Clo and Andre leave on Sunday. The end has begun. Boo.

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hahahh i like ur concept of european boys.. hahahah and the skating sounds wonderful! big grin


yes do bring him back so we have some good oogle material. haha.


[limin] the skating was more than wonderful! haha... i was so bouncy and excited BEFORE the show that vicki was going "en ying... is this the epitomy of your canadian experience?" i guess i was rather star-struck lah.

[char] don't be ridiculous. you oogle your aaron lah. *forehead smack*




Glad the show was good -- then again why wouldn't it be? Meanwhile I plod away at burning the 2am desk lamp (!!). Try not to feel too sad about people leaving... you can try to keep in touch (with the girls anyway wink) and there are plenty of people back home who miss you I'm sure!

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