Wednesday, 26th April '06

Mountain Songs

So, Fannie sent this awesome clip from a Herbert Grönemeyer MTV to the Dance Ensemble Yahoogroups a while back. I never had time to link it, but it's good. Tzo, this is mostly for you, I think. Go to the site and click on the 2003 music videos, and it's the third video from the top. It's Polina Seminova? I don't know who she is - maybe you do.

After that nice little clip, Juraimy sends a freakish Thai Dance video clip. I'm not going to load it, it really IS rather freaky. Nails and all. Not my kind of thing. It was pretty amazing that it was performed by a troupe of Deaf dancers, and they were all in perfect timing. I mean it wasn't my cup of tea, but nonetheless impressive.

And THEN, Julius follows it up with THIS. Kaoz. It's DISGUSTING. I don't even know what language that's in. Taiwanese? Canto? Whatever it is, three hapless people bopping in the middle of a forest with typical classic Chinese screechy vocals, that repetitive nonsense songs that these "mountain songs" tend to have tacked on. And I can barely understand what they're saying, but the subtitles suggest to me that the fact they call each other "little brother" and "little sister" is SO WRONG. I know I know, it's the classic way people used to talk (I suppose it's the Chinese equivalent of the Spanish "Papi"). There's another even worse vid too.

Someone please explain to me what all those songs are going on about, because my vague notions of what they're singing is just... disturbing.

The only person who can sing mountain songs is A*mei lah.

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