Thursday, 27th April '06

I'm Not So Sure What I'm Blogging About

This is going to be a collection of completely randomised sentences.
Yawn. I'm really sleepy. All this running around Halifax is too much. In two days I have been in and out of Second Cup, Dharma Sushi, that Bishop's Landing Gelato Place, Tim Horton's, Kara's, MexicaLindo, Il Mercato, Split Crow, Perks, MEC, Loomis, Le Chateau, DioMio and the Computer Science Lab.
I'm so tired. Geez.
And my head is woozy and my stomach is a little more than vaguely unsettled. I think it was either the Katamari (funny little PlayStation game that involves rolling this sticky ball thing and picking up all kinds of crap. Ingenious idea but it creeps me out because it reminds me of the kind of nightmares I used to have when I was five) or the Calamari from the Split Crow.
Thank God my annoying neighbour isn't pissing me off tonight.
I've been so hyper-cum-mellow of late, it's a little bit confusing. I think the hair colour got to my head.
Would you believe one of Mark (Leung's) Retardism videos mad it to MTV Uber's Clip of the Week? I'm dying to watch it but they don't support Macs.
Also been cussing too much recently.
Restless, restless, restless.
It's like I want to go out and do stuff because I can't sit still for long, and I also feel like I really should hang with the folks before I never see them again. But then I'm also starved for me-time. But then I get bored of me-time.
Vic and I are also fast exhausting ideas on what to do in the daytime. Halifax is nice for the partying, but in the daytime, not so exciting.
This blog probably also needs a new layout. Might make a commemorative Halifax one, only I'm not into fuzzy pastel looking layouts.
Brio on Spring Garden sells Bloch and Capezio dance sneakers. OH MY WORD. Finally, after 3 years of waiting and using those crap-ass Sanshas, I'm going to get REAL dance sneakers. Now we wait for 80 bucks to fall from the sky.
Was also thinking how my life in Singapore and my life in Halifax don't mix. Lunch today weirded me out a little - it was like mixing things that shouldn't be mixed (like Lingwei, a reminder of home, with whom the old Singapore ettiquettes feel they must be followed, and all the other dudes with whom I interact with completely differently). It's like it's hard to strike a balance, I can't be half-Singaporean and half-En ying the exchange student at the same time.
Doesn't that also make you think of how many sides to one person there can be? Feeling schizo, in a way. I'm a different person with so many groups. It's always been my thing to be able to get along with any group of people - I can survive with the cool people, and the geeks love me. But then sometimes one gets to feeling caught in the middle. It's not bad, it's just weird.
I think Vicki's weirded out mood has totally rubbed off.
Shall go read a book and get some sleep.

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5 photographs developed.


i look forward to your new hair color XD see ya in sg!! =)


We have to meet up for dinner! I'm thinking of some good ol' stingray or oyster omelette with sugar cane juice smile


good grief your neighbour sounds like someone really inconsiderate... bleagh.. well you meet some of those all the time... take care dajie..and thanks for the call!

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