Saturday, 29th April '06

Shall We See How Far They Bounce?

I'm currently mildly annoyed that I have to type this on TextEditor and save it to put on the blog later, simply because the YMCA Internet connection has gone funny on me again. Phooey.

Anyways. Saying goodbye to people is a bitch. FOUR goodbyes in two days. Which makes it a total of NINE goodbyes said and two people missed. But oh well about that. Last semester there was really only the three law Aussies to say goodbye to and one Jess, and the G-Unit generally. This semester I know too many people. Maybe it's not about missing all the specific persons, but it's the drawing to a close that's kind of disgusting. And farewell dinner after farewell lunches, it's like one is supposed to keep in a perpetual sad state, which is somewhat tiring.

The thing about it all is that in some weird enough way, you KNOW you won't be keeping in touch with everyone. Much as you promise to. Thinking about it, there are people here I'd call friends that honestly, I would never have made friends with in any ordinary circumstances. *shrug* Call it International Adaptability.

Speaking of which, that came up over dinner today with Solene (the last French and last girl left standing). I thought maybe it was just me, but she mentioned she was a bit nervous about going home. I knew I was, particularly because of the vastly different cultures. Like how last Saturday I was telling Kai some stories and she was like "OMG, Koh En Ying, you did WHAT?" and I had to say that it was really NOTHING. Yeah, back home it would have been a rather large SOMETHING, but my point is that perception is governed by the norm you judge it against. And the norms have about 2 weeks to shift back or at least re-sensitise to what they were before.

Ok, re-sensitise. I don't want them to shift back, or the whole point of exchange and the mind-opening thing would be defeated.

But back to Solene. It was comforting hearing that from her, in a way, because the French culture's being closer to Halifax's and the fact that she's been here only since January somehow "legitimized" my feelings of weirdness. It's nice to know someone else shares your worries about fitting back into the whole scheme of things back home. For one thing, I'm not sure I'm going to react too well to being in a homogenous culture again. Well, Singapore is far from homogenous, but it's more a question of a disturbing sense of comfort. I think I got so used to having my comfort zone challenged here that if it were to be too easy again back home I'd go a little crazy. Older people, federalism, drunker people, different notions of entertainment, vastly different views on subjects, being the odd one out (kena diaoed for being the only Dal, the only Asian, the only girl - and believe me the problem with the last one is not, as Michi says, the problem of being spoilt for choice. Nah, the boys are great, at the very least for widening the breadth of the aforementioned perception).

Did I also mention I'm thinking of getting a dog again? Reading the literature on the net today I got a sense of how much I do miss Rio. I haven't actually thought about it since a year ago.

Bah. That's enough thoughtfulness for the day. Should save it all up for a big spew just before I leave. Maybe on the plane, I dunno. I hear SIA flights have wireless now, woohoo.

Anyhoo. After dinner with Solene, I went to the movies to watch "Hard Candy". Ok, this was THE BEST movie I have seen all year. Maybe I'm partial to Indie flicks, and character-driven stories with static sets, but this even beat out "V for Vendetta". Great premise, awesome cinematography, and impeccable acting. I was incredibly impressed with the lead actress's performance. She's only 18, for crying out loud, but her performance showed an understanding of a 14 year old's shyness, frailty, and sincerity mixed with a hardened, twisted, even psychopathic conviction. She's Ellen Page, by the way, from Halifax and as I just found out, Debbie's former classmate. She'll be Shadowcat in the coming X3.

And how often can you hinge a two hour movie almost entirely on the interaction between two characters, in one set, with no costume changes and no soundtrack. The tension they created was so thick you could cut it with a butterknife, and then intermittently fine-tuned (but not dissipated) with real gems of lines like "shall we see how far they can bounce?" or "I guess they weren't made of brass!". I think all guys should watch this movie, just so I can watch their reactions. Ha. Even I was squirming.

So if they show it back home - and I think they would, maybe with a "Mature Audiences over 18" tag - go see! Also, note to self, the movie "Brick" also looks like it's going to be a really good one.

Right, that's it. I need my sleep.

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