Tuesday, 2nd May '06

I Should...

The point being that I don't. Sigh. Let's see how long this list gets.

1. Do the laundry
2. Clean the room
3. Go to Sobey's
4. Clean out all the junk in the fridge that has gone bad
5. Find out where to stay in Lunenberg
7. Check out the scuba diving
8. Deal with all the books I can't bring home
9. Heck, deal with EVERYTHING I can't bring home
10. Register for that Business Chinese course
11. Think about next semester's modules.

Short digression for the modules thing. Was talking to Ave the other day, and I'm SERIOUSLY tempted to try the "Chinese Legal Tradition & Legal Chinese" course. It might also kill me, especially when the instructor is supposedly insanely demanding and the last person I've heard who took it thinks he's dead meat. But it could also be SO interesting. One part of me thinks: if they only ask for a B4 it can't be THAT bad, can it? And then I think, Chinese legal instruments? Hell yeah, it could be B.A.D. And I don't want to screw up the 2:1 for a stupid 4 credit course, do I? The last time I spoke / wrote Chinese formally, I was 16 years old and motivating myself by thinking that I had put myself through 4 years of Higher Chinese just so that I would never pick up another document in Chinese again. It's amazing what a few years does to your perception. Maybe a chat with the professor is in order. Hmm. I wish they had something like an admissions test so at least you know if you could make it or not. Sure my Higher Chinese results make the grade, but that doesn't really tell you anything when you did it by chao mugging 150 chengyu and 8 ciyu shouce and got through the exam by avoiding all the "real world" essay topics and writing instead melodramatic shuqingwen about being trapped in an elevator and taking half your melodramatic phrases from Daniel Chan pop songs.

Otherwise, Intro to Chinese Civil Law sounds great (but from experience I can never get over the prof's accent, which is going to be tricky), Conflict of Laws is a definite yes, EU Law too (especially if the visiting prof is still around), and I really want to do BioMed and Ethics (but they might give me some flack for having done Health Law in Canada already), Tax Law, Corporate Takeover Regulation... sheesh. Too many interesting things, too little time.

But back to the list:

12. Pick up the plane tickets
13. Organise music
14. Organise photos

Boo. That's a longer list than I thought.

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3 photographs developed.


i'm definitely up for wala's! *jumps around* haha ur upcoming courses sound so much more interesting! big grin


I want to go to wala's too -- I liked EIC when I heard them at timbre. Really looking forward to summer -- you had better show me lots of nice places in Singapore (my memories still mostly being of the Lido/Mcdonalds sort) smile Glad you are looking forward to your 4th year.


haha. yay. got company. i feel like going up to Elephant, Indian or Chinaman and telling them to go learn some halifax pub songs. i somehow now cannot envision going to a place like that where they don't play maritime music.

ironically though, halifax (or canada in general) would never tolerate such an openly "racist" band name like Elephant Indian Chinamen.

babs, they did promise you to learn some jack johnson, didn't they?

and tzo, i STILL want to go to lido! vicki and i were just talking about the joys of putting our feet up on the bars at lido '1' - so old school, heh. wink

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