Sunday, 7th May '06

Elections, Elections

Results out. I think by now we're allowed to do "explicitly political blogging", but you won't find anything THAT intelligent on this blog.

More whining than anything else, really.

I know the boys (read: the collection of dudes otherwise known as David, Mick, Sönke, Michi and Marco) have suffered my alternating bouts of enthusiasm ("only 37 seats walked-over on Nomination Day!") and whining ("and I can't VOTE!?") rather a bit over the past few days. But nothing prepared me for THIS:

Hougang Worker's Party Rally

Ubi Worker's Party Rally

Aljunied Worker's Party Rally

WAH LIAO EH. That's THREE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. Holy shit. I can't BELIEVE how friggin' exciting Singapore must have been over those few days. It's CRAZY. There hasn't been enthusiasm like that since McDonald's was giving away Hello Kitties with Happy Meals.

It was such a bloody anti-climax that I wasn't there for it all. I mean, just LOOK at those pictures!! As Qiong says: "Macam rock concert."

I'm actually finding it hard to describe the exhilaration of something like this happening in Singapore. It feels like a revolution was sparked. Of course it was still disappointing - ultimately the old Parliament was returned at 82 out of 84. But the PAP's mandate was only about 66% this year, and if that's a sign of things to come, we might soon be moving (well, inching) ever so slightly towards a state that's not so de facto one-party.

But until them I continue to endure jibes from the German about dictatorships etc etc. Sheesh.

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4 photographs developed.


haha en, you should have seen the traffic jam in the direction of the hougang rally. My family wanted to go too but there was a line of cars (2 lanes full) for about 2 km or more queuing up to get into the place... We gave up. also heard from friends that live near the wp rally sites that they could not go home before the rally ended cos the entrances to the roads of their homes were blocked by the sheer no of cars! haha

ryder Ziola:



oh, whee! hahaah... everyone, click on ryder's link! *evil snigger*

"heh" is right.

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