Sunday, 7th May '06


Wow. The idea that I'm leaving Halifax soon is gradually beginning to sink in. Flipping through old photos, saying goodbyes, having longer conversations with some of the guys than I normally would when there were many other around... it's all just sort of beginning to really seem "tangible". People have been leaving for almost 2 weeks now, but after the last other law dude, Mick, left yesterday morning and Zerk and I said goodbye to him, it was really like WOW. Ok. I'm the last law person left. It's like Zerk said: "*sigh* And another one gone." And when Marco and I were at Zerk's last night the living room seemed so much EMPTIER than I remembered it. And the Y now is also so ridiculously empty.

It's not sad. I'm actually getting rather excited to be going home. It's just that it's the closure of another chapter of life, I guess. But it was a good one. I hadn't had such a fulfilling and new-experience filled chapter since the 21st Council one, I think. You know, the kind of experience that flips you around and puts your brain on another different level. It's still not time for all the mushiness - I suppose I'll do the BIG COMMEMORATIVE BLOG eventually, but I'm refusing to do it until I get home and sort out all the pictures and souvenirs and have everything totally in perspective.

But like I said, I was getting excited to be going home. And bumming around here recently, I had sometime to think about the top priorities when I get home.

1. GET ROTI PRATA. I'm sorry this is my top priority. For all the people I need to meet, the prata takes the top spot. Be comforted, it's not the PRATA, but it's more like everything it stands for in my family life. You know how some families just have this thing. Well, prata and prawn noodles breakfasts are that thing for my family. It's just something Mum and Dad and I have done since I was... 9... and all the accompanying jokes about Jalan Kayu, oily floors, sweaty hands, the Sunday mornings, the bumping into Vincent's family ever so often... it's just the THING.

2. Go back to my room. Gosh, I miss my bed, and I miss having some space to walk. I want my HiFi back too. My Arafat radio. I now also realize how much I'm speaking in my own codes. Sorry.

3. Go swimming. IN THE SUN. REAL SUN. (Ave!! My swimming buddy!) Canada's sun doesn't count, though it amuses me how all the poor white boys are getting sunburnt these days. I just shake my head an attempt to hold potentially racist-sounding comments in. This sun enthusiasm isn't going to last long, of course. Three days in Singapore and I'll be whining about the temperature and the humidity like you've never heard before.

4. Go to Ah Ma's house. Ever since Ah Kong passed away that sort of restructuring that came with the aftermath left me used to going to Ah Ma's for dinner everyday with the big family. I'm not entirely close to them, but there's a familarity of having one's aunts and neices etc around in one place. I missed that a little. Never really thought about it actively here, but yeah, I do.

5. Business Chinese. I'm not joking, I WILL do it.

6. Now, should I try to do more French, Sign Language, or try Malay? The thing is that now I actually know people I can practise this stuff with, see. Not sign language, but the others. So there is a greater impetus. Well, I suppose the best language to learn for practising would be German, seeing as more than half my Skype list is German now.

7. Go to all the old hangouts. Lido and Wala's and everything.

8. Plot out a "Lonely Planet" guide to Singapore. En Ying-style. Zenith's coming end-June, Mick's coming in Nov-Dec, Sara and her boyfriend Chris in January, and I've also promised to look after a couple of friends of friends. This might actually be harder than I thought, seeing as I have absolutely no sense of direction, and if I drive around and get lost (as usual)... damn laukwee.

9. Eat. A LOT. Here's the point where I don't even want to list the food I want to eat. Because it will drive me INSANE. I envision a huge amount of weight gain in the first month back. Even more since the darling Hian Ko will want to feed me all the time, as these cooking-type aunts do.

Ok, going for a shower. Need to wake up. And figure out if I'm going to be a lazy bum tonight or go running around with the guys again. Never have I seen people so excited by the idea of Dome's dollar-shots.

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prata is at the top of my list too! but i miss kuay chap!! and tau huey and carrot cake..and chicken rice.. *slurp* when i go back hope u still feel like eating then we can eat together! ooooh! laksa with lotsa HUMS! LOL crazy


BABS CHENG LIMIN. the reason i didn't list all that is because i don't want to THINK about it until i get home. die lah you.

kuay chap.... QI HUM!!! *pengz*

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