Friday, 12th May '06


Life's gotten a little slower here now that just about everyone is gone. Trip to Lunenburg with Vic and Debbie was fun though. SIMMONS MATTRESS!! Haha. Most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. Especially in light of the cheap-ass YMCA mattress.

I can't believe I'm leaving so soon. Only 3 days left, really. Monday morning doesn't quite count.

Another thing I can't believe is that I learnt a new word from SPAM. "Pulchritudinous" means having great physical beauty or appeal. Such a great, SAT-inspired word to use in the same Email heading as "Russsian", "Hottties" and "Cumshotss". All those spelling errors being done on purpose, I believe, to avoid word filters.

Mission: Impossible III was surprisingly good too! J. J. Abrams is a great guy for creating textured characters, and he works so well with ensemble casts. It was still a popcorn-movie, of course, but he put the fun and drama back into the M:I franchise which was so sorely missing from the 2nd installment. Gave us back the old-school Ethan Hunt sans long floppy hair and carefully orchestrated cheek-graze, gave us back the "Impossible", and did some quick globe-trotting (Berlin, Rome / Vatican City, Shanghai) while pandering to our more basal needs for large, fiery explosions and high speed chases and gun-work. In a way I also liked that there was no sex in the show (well, a little was implied, but in a fun sort of way) but it was refreshing to see that for once a Hollywood blockbuster didn't need it to be cool and slick. It even had some decent humour going on - intentional (just watch Tom Cruise and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers acting like Italian DHL deliverymen. And the Shaun of the Dead dude's little cameos were awesome too) and unintentional (Tom Cruise charging full-tilt down the Shanghai five-foot ways yelling at no one in particular to "SHANGHAI! SHANGHAI!". Obviously this makes no sense at all, but I and the group of PRCS sitting in front of me starting laughing. I believe he was either mangling shan3kai1 or rang4kai1.)

Qiong, I think you're going to complain JRM's character was too small. I did think it was kind of a waste myself.

Alright. Off to bed. Way too much last minute shopping, packing and sightseeing to do tomorrow. *sigh*

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hehe. pulchritude was in my GRE word list. I thought no word could sound less beautiful. Although I will probably stand corrected if anyone bothers to think of one.


i agree on that point. when i first saw the spam i thought it must be a really cheem sounding word for some dirty pornographic act. obviously, that was the only reason i felt sufficiently inspired to look it up.

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