Monday, 15th May '06

My Most Exciting Flight

Sitting in Halifax International Airport's Gate 40, waiting for the bloody Continental Airlines flight 2340. It's been delayed over an hour now, and it might be somemore. I might therefore miss my connecting flight because I'm landing at Newark and making a transfer to JFK, which I may not be able to make because of the rush hour traffic.

I SHOULD be worried. I know one year ago, as I was coming from Singapore to Halifax, something like this would have FREAKED me out. But right now, I'm sitting here chillaxing after a 45 min talk / put on hold affair with the Travel Cuts people. In fact, I'm so cool right now I'm worried that I'm not worrying. It's a funny feeling, feeling so... invincible. Even if I can't put my finger on the exact time and place that it happened, this living by myself abroad thing really has made a difference.

But it still isn't my lucky day. Boo. Or as Marco just said when I whined to him on MSN: Mamamia. Or in more Chinese terms - 我的妈。Isn't it amazing how such vastly different languages from vastly different cultures use the EXACT same reference (to one's mother) as an expression that means the same thing?

Speaking of mothers, I just sent Ma an email. I know she's going to flip, especially if I have to spend the night in NYC. Anyone in Singapore who sees this, please look after my parents and make sure they don't panic. This is what's worrying me the most - my worrying parents.

I AM growing old.

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ummm good luck with the delay (who knows, you may read this in NYC)! I know the horror. sad But I am glad you have such sangfroid.


woohoo.. a free night at nyc! sounds cool! uncle, auntie! dont worry! enz will be FINE big grin have a safe flight dajie! LOL

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