Wednesday, 31st May '06

Room Clean-Up Part I: THROWWWWW!!!

Typed this a while ago, and it's a work in progress. But more like a MAJOR OPERATION, given the pack rat that I am:

And with that resolute war cry, tinged with more than a little sadness and nostalgia, I began the revolutionary room clean-up. This, fueled by the sudden realization that 22 years is too long to be keeping half my life’s baby treasures with me, was going to be a rather sad, mammoth task. Sigh.

In a nutshell, I’m throwing out a lot of junk. A lot of which I’ve kept for too long simply because they were nice little tidbits of things that reminded me of little events over the years. And now that I can’t keep it all (sheer lack of space or energy to keep it clean), some of them are going to have to go.

And this is a list of the stuff I found while cleaning. Stuff that I eventually decided to keep is indicated. Everything else is to be chucked.

Stuff (in no particular order, but probably the order of discovery)
1. Set of green metal tins. HA. Bought these for Bert for Christmas 2002? Something like that. In any case I dedcided I liked them so much I’d get a set for myself. Mistake. But I can do something with this. Keep.
2. 4 Tamiya race cars. Mysteriously all missing engines. I could have SWORN I built at least 2 of them with engines. Distinctly remember racing Daniel with them, circa 1989. Yeah, it was a while ago. Goodbye, my babies.
3. Snake in a can.
4. “Pfizer” the giant Viagra squeezie. Provided much comic relief during the A-levels. Now a little grubby. Keep.
5. A plethora of keychains. Including this ancient one I got about 18 years ago from someone who went to Hawaii. Someone on Dad’s side of the family. It was so long ago I don’t even remember who. Including a Bart Simpson one I won or was given from Alex Ho’s 7th birthday party. (Now how did I remember that?) Including a handful of boomerang shaped ones from Western Australia (I should have been 11 then) and a huge one from Thailand that says “Chocolate makes the world go plump”. Haha. Sayonara.
6. A cat mask that was made by distorting a power ranger mask in 1998. I didn’t even make it. Behind that I found the Kabuki mask from the “Rhythms of the Orient” Speech and Drama exam. The cat mask had to go, the Kabuki stays.
7. Two leftover testtubes from Chem / Bio lab in RJC. Still have my intials on them. The rest were either broken, exploded or stained beyond acid-cleansing. So sad, but goodbye.
8. Bead necklaces. Heavens, I made those in 1991. Keep.
9. Crocodile snappy-toy from the Underwater World in Sentosa when it first opened in 1993.
10. A collection of funky pens from God knows how long ago. I think I’m going to have to shut my eyes and throw this.
11. A Raphael watch, which was used less for its time-telling functions than its resemblance (and triggering of my imagination-neurons) to a Turtle Comm. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m not even going to bother to explain it. But Vincent and I got a lot of mileage out of that thing back in the day. I distinctly remember quarrelling with Mich over it because I wouldn’t lend it to her and then having one of my big legal battles with Uncle Eddie over it, arguing that there was no obligation to lend your little cousin your favourite toy just because she wanted it and that property rights (MINE) included the exclusive right of possession. Of course, that argument was eloquently put forth by my 6 year-old self in the phrase “No! Don’t want to lend her! Why should I? *bursts into tears and howls that would make a werewolf blush*”. I still maintain that I never supported the “force the kids to share the toys” concept. It’s not my fault that everytime I shared something it came back broken. Oh yes, keep.
12. The mixed up picture puzzles. Think some dude in my Pri 1 class might have given them to me.
13. Catapult. Not quite as old as you’d think. Gerri gave me this in 2003? Chirstmas? Haha. She knew I’d love it, and she was right, since I immediately used it to slignshot poor Froggo (Qiong’s Froggo) across the room. But the rubber bands have since corroded and broke off. I’m crushed.
14. First Aid Kit. The cold compress seems to be growing mould, and no wonder; it’s been 13 years since it was bought, at least. But that was one of the coolest things Dad’s ever given me – next to the sickle cell anemia slides I snuck into JC and freaked Mr Yap out with.
15. A desk caddy that I labeled with “Koh En Ying, Newspaper Editor” during the phase I decided I wanted to be a journalist and started a family Newsletter called the Koh Gazette. Poor Mich got roped into the fray, of course, as at that point the “noh nang” (as Ah Ma used to call us – it’s Teochew for “two people”) did everything together. The heartwarming thing about all that is that our nieces (Amanda and Andrea etc.) have started another one, the idea doubtlessly passed on to them by their grandparents, my Uncle Alan and Aunt Angeline. Along with that I found old editions of the newsletter. Well, when you’re 11, the fact that an Uncle got a new dog was breaking news, what.
16. A Pri 6 class photo with Mrs Soh and 杨老师. I didn’t remember I even had hair like that. And guess who else is in the picture? ANDRE HENG!!! Hahaha. I ALWAYS forget Dre and I were classmates for four years.
17. My Murphy-Meisgeiger Type Indicator results. The official version. USFP.
18. Jem and Desmond’s legendary bottle of Absolut Mandarin. Empty of course. Too pretty to throw.

Taking a break for now.

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