Wednesday, 31st May '06

Room Clean-Up Part II: Feeling Singaporean

You'll never guess what CDs I still have: the 阳光系列 collection that TCS produced years ago. But I almost never throw CDs away - they've have to be really really awful. In particular, I'm keeping 阳光系列 2 just because it contains the most beautiful song to ever come out of this country, 和平的代价. The theme song to the best drama to ever come of this country too. The Chen Ruibiao version, not the Christopher Lee version, by the way.

I've just been looping it and putting its lyrics on my MSN nick all day.

-- 陈瑞彪

夜雾静悄悄笼罩着家园 离开黎明还有多远
绝望 彷徨 扭曲一张张的脸 走到生死边缘

梦魇为何像现实一样真 苦难像大海一样深
仇恨 烧红 胸中热腾腾的火 为生命的尊严而战

多少人用生命鲜血和理想 换来一线和平的曙光
多少人用生命鲜血和理想 写成一片血泪的诗章

Cleaning this room is like fighting World War III.

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2 photographs developed.


dajie u are more of a packrat then me!!! man u keep heaps of rubbish. i've become increasingly ruthless over the years big grin every 6 months i throw out at least 3 huge trash bags of stuff..u gotta do whta u gotta do blush

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