Wednesday, 31st May '06

To Do List

What it says:

1. Add Dalhousie results to CV and pretty it all up.
2. Mail TKQ.
3. Get on with the room cleaning. Dammit, must finish by this week.
4. Reply to Luk's email.
5. Get nails fixed. If not careful, cuticles will peel down to my knuckles and I will be sorry, and in very much pain.
6. Read up on law firms.
7. Replace discarded make-up: foundation, concealor, poweder, eyeliner. Bloody expensive operation, and I feel so needlessly guilty spending.
8. Finish "A Darkness More than Night". I seem to have lost reading momentum. Even in my best genre.
9. Grit teeth and sort through all the Halifax photos. In particular, get down to organising and slideshowing the ones of the big trips: PEI, NYC, Quebec/Montreal.
10. Think of some interesting holiday to go with parents. Japan? Tokyo looks so cool. Korea? HK? Obviously, I'm not setting foot in North America for a while. Not that I didn't like it when I was there, but I'm not making that kind of plane ride again till I'm good and ready. Europe, too ex.


Oh, X3 was pretty good, btw. Visual effects stunning as usual, and I was impressed by the ensemble performances. Famke Jessen has a lot more in her than I used to give her credit for. Rebecca Romjin-Stamos too, did a marvellous job in the little screen time she had, while everyone else more than held up their ends of the bargain. And of course I was cheering little Haligonian Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat) the whole way. That's one intelligent actress who I do hope gets to go far.

Plotwise, it got me. It makes you THINK. Action flicks aside, Marvel comics are so layered that way; there's a good story, there are characters that are always flawed heros and totally human, and then you have the ISSUES. The ones that make you wonder what you yourself would do in that situation. I can't say I wouldn't freak out about mutants. But it's definitely wrong to make a little kid feel like an outcast just because he happens to have special powers. And then what if the little kid ain't so innocent - I'd use the "cure" against him, wouldn't you? But if I were a mutant, that IS a slippery slope, and I'd join up to Magneto's cause pronto. Questions questions.

Stay past the credits, ok? There's a bit at the end of that you shouldn't miss.

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[7 photographs developed.]

7 photographs developed.


The Gold Coast is always exciting for a holiday big grin


i looooooovvveee Japan! bring me bring me. haha

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