Wednesday, 7th June '06

The Things I Do For a Diving Trip

OK. Going diving in Perhentian in August. Let me tell you how complicated it is to get to that little island:

1. Take NiCE bus from Singapore to Old Railway station in Kuala Lumpur. (S$55)
2. Take commuter train from Old Railway to KL Sentral. (maybe S$1?)
3. Take KLIA Ekspres from KL Sentral to KL Airport. (S$1)
4. Take Air Asia flight, hopefully costing a cool RM2 (!!!), to Kota Bahru Airport. (S$1. Whee!)
5. Take taxi from KB Airport to Jetty. This part I leave to Tzo coz I'm getting a bit confuzzled already. (???)
6. Take little motorboat to P. Perhentian. (Probably part of the package.)

And I thought the Singapore --> Tokyo --> Detroit --> Halifax was exciting.

All this for one diving trip. My parents think I'm mad, of course.

Anybody want to come? Leaving Singapore on the morning of the 2nd August (or maybe night of the 1st) and coming back by evening on the 8th. Any company would be much appreciated, if only to ensure I'm not going to get lost in the complications of a transport system fully signposted in Malay. Right now I can read "tandas" and "perumpuan" and I hope that's enough. Maybe telling the ticket dude "satu orang" could be done without too much embarrassment.

Oh and Emma! Dad came up with this random idea to go to Australia soon. Goodness knows why. Maybe I should push for Brisbane. Heh.

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Hullo -- make that RM36 each for the KLIA Express and the plane ticket (the ticket is RM2, but there's tax). But you may strike gold and I could pick you up and maybe drive down to the airport. We'll see!


*nod* i spoke to parents. seems i am taking the morning bus - less traumatic for all involved (involved covers those sitting at home worrying about me).

*bounce bounce*

*hums the "live for love united" song because that song has been running around in head for the past few days despite the obvious cheesiness of 45 international footballers singing together and saying "i play for love united" in every conceivable language but mine*

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