Thursday, 8th June '06

"The Boys Are Way Too Cute For My Liking"

I go away for NINE MONTHS. I think I'll come back and love this country to bits. I do love this country to bits. I am very pleased with all the food and the fact that I can speak Singlish again and make references to local events.

AND THEN I AM FED THIS SHIT. Watch it. It tries so hard I actually feel PAIN watching it.

An advertisment by the National University of Singapore's Business School.

I thank the HEAVENS I do not go to the NUS Business School.

I thank the Heavens TWICE that the NUS Law School doesn't have to stoop this low.

*someone KILL ME NOW*

Nevermind that an astute observer already pointed out that the letters from Harvard, Sloan and U-Chicago were clearly rejection letters (anyone who's applied to a US Uni knows that big envelope good, small envelop BAD). Nevermind that the whole "western world" set up with the standing mailbox and the bungalow house looked entirely edited and the soft screen Days of Our Lives texture combined with the tinkling soundtrack makes your goosepimples rise. Nevermind the valient (but not very successful) attempt to poke fun at our own chewing gum laws. By the way, let this returning exchange student tell you that there is nothing we are more famous for, and that it barely requires us to poke fun at ourselves - the entire world is doing enough for all of us. Not that I object really, I quite support the gum-ban.

It's the final statement, the blatent LIE they put in right at the end:

Cute boys in NUS BizAd?

Excuse me while I *ROTFLMGDMFAO*.

And oh, for a much better example, see here. Thank goodness this ad does a much more credible job. (Read: It doesn't make you cringe or want to stab youself with a shank.) The little kid played the part to perfection!

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