Sunday, 11th June '06

TNT, I'm Dynamite!

The song's been going around in my head ever since the Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden match started. Because of initials of Trinidad & Tobago, of course.

I'm getting a wee bit bored of the game right now. Half time and no goals. Nothing like the Germany vs. Costa Rica match last night where the presently-in-Singapore Smubs camped out at the Robertson Walk Courtyard with a couple of hundred other supporters and poor stressed out part-time Tiger Beer promoters. Promoters who I'm still mildly annoyed with because they didn't give our table any of those nice noise-making clapping balloons. So what if we didn't order Tiger? It... wasn't... time. *hurhur*

And I cannot BELIEVE how prices shoot up during the world cup. I'm talking about the bloody EIGHT DOLLARS a Coke costs when you want a table to watch the game. Also, the NINE DOLLARS a beer costs. Most of all, I'm still amazed the Tiger dude tried to sell us a EIGHTY-EIGHT DOLLAR "Lighted Shuttle" (3 jugs). Do we look like we're MADE OF MONEY to you?

Sigh. At least it was a fun game to watch and the crowd was pretty good. I was rather amazed by the enthusiasm of the Costa Rica fans in the crowd. And the one big German guy who came all decked out in his jersey and jumped up and waved proudly everytime they scored. The bad thing about watching with Singaporeans is that we have no real emotional investment in any of the teams. Only football betters like Henghwa have something to be concerned about.

So the only real emotional investment I can squeeze out of the WC is coming in the form of Shamsul Maidin, our solitary referee who's right now causing Henrik Larsson to "pout like a petulant child". Well, the commentator is at least funny.

Game on again, nothing too big going on...


(In the interests of truth, it was a double yellow card. But still.)

Dad: "... and Shamsul goes down in history!"

Mum: "... don't play with my Shamsul!"

Me: "... Shamsul fierce, man."

Dad: "Shamsul, see Tobago small country, that's why he dare."

Me: "Wah. Tomorrow sure headline big big."

Boy, that Wilhelmsson can STARE DAGGERS, he can.

Ok, this is getting a bit too exciting. Back to the game. Must remember to read the papers tomorrow.


Results, 0-0. Hurhur. Shamsul was pretty trigger happy. We're all quite amused. Hislop is causing us a lot of amusement too. Mum thinks there is voodoo involved in all those saves. *chuckle*

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shit girl, at least you have english commentary T_T all the games here are in CHINESE!!!! well but at least they're all live and free =)

fell asleep after half time for the US czech game *whine*


well you're in SHANGHAI, what can i say? how do they pronouce all the foreign sounding names then? it would be interesting though, wouldn't it?

ha. you fell asleep. i simply gave up and went to bed. damn lousy lah, had one dance cast party and then k.o. liao. but i saw the dvds of the shows i missed!

and then i thought i might wake up for italy-ghana. of course i didn't. damn sian lah, 3 am games.

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