Tuesday, 13th June '06

Nick Lazzarini! *drool*

*sigh* Has anyone got full "So You Think You Can Dance" episodes to lend me? Thanks to my juniors, we spent half of the DE Cast Party last night watching the grand finals. And ever since I've been kicking myself for missing the whole season. I don't know if it was all as exciting as the finals, but that was some kick-ass dancing.

The girls were amazing. The judges were right when they said that jazz piece to the Police's "Message in a Bottle" demanded a man's level of techicality. It looked freaking tiring.

But of course, it was the winner, Nick Lazzarini, who totally stole all our hearts - girls and guys alike. This might be the first time America got it right. His versitility is scary. (This competition not being about being fantastic in any one genre, but about being the most versatile.) Check this out, quick, before Dick Clark Productions makes youtube take it down:



Too lazy to figure out how to embed it, so click here


Ballroom (Paso Double?)


And the one that really got me jumping because the Jazz Boy came off even more Hip Hop than the Hip Hop Dude.

Let no one ever say that male dancers are not hot.

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8 photographs developed.


OHHH this nick. haha. i was following most of the last few episodes. And yes nick is hot =)

but aside from him, there was another guy, Blake. And this particular dance, i think i will remember for a long time yet:



blake's pretty good... but he's very... soft.


dunno, but when i first saw this on tv, it kinda touched me haha.

something about the dance and the song and everythign =)


shocked wooo wooo woo shocked, these guys can really dance and they are damn good!!seems like they have been dancing all their lives to achieve such high standards..i am totally impressed!geez,maybe i should have learnt dancing when i was young..hahaha hehe I wanna watch the whole series too!!!!

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