Wednesday, 28th June '06

This is SO a Procrastination Blog

Ho hum. One last ditch attempt to put off working on the pupillage applications. Apart from the obvious fact that working out a cover letter requires a substantial effort, I think I'm just trying to avoid even THINKING about the lifetime of drudgery this heralds. Apparently 9pm work days are considered early for the average pupil. 2am is more the norm. In between you get blasted by grumpy mentors and partners. Meep.

So instead of getting right to those applications, I decided to blog the more interesting things I have discovered over the past few days.

1. It's nice to be dancing again, but losing Sunday afternoons and Saturday evenings and soon to be Sunday mornings is not fun. sad My own fault lah. Haha. The Next Wave's on 15-16 September, hor. All you people who know who you are please keep the dates and about $20 free, thanks!

2. In a related discovery, the parents' ultra hard wooden board-like mattress causes much pain to knees already bruised from Zaini's latest throw-oneself-on-the-floor choreography.

3. Shanghai is the worst place in the world to break your heart. This coming from a rather inane conversation with Qiong, in which we contemplated the top cities in the world to break one's heart. For the record, I pick Paris - because you can stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower and contemplate a free fall to the end of all pain. In Shanghai I think the best you can do is stuff yourself with jiaozi, and feel fat and miserable thereafter.

4. Never NEVER record a home video in MPEG-1 format. I think it completely precludes compression of the file, unless you want a compressed file that has no sound. Kind of dumb when the file you're trying to compress is from a music concert.

5. Don't trust Andre to be on time for anything. Even if you're watching a $30 arts show at the classiest theatre in the country, and there's no intermission so they won't let you in at all once you've missed seating. For that matter, even if you forget the first lesson, don't wear heels that prevent you from making a mad dash through the Esplanade Mall to get to funny little blackbox studio at the back.

6. It is a sign of how long we have not played basketball when Bert and Henghwa and Kiat are willing to come to Bedok CC to play with me.

7. Any team I support in the World Cup will end up being kicked out - by the REFEREE. Ok, that's not entirely true since Germany is still in. But I'm still annoyed they didn't get a chance to have a REAL victory, seeing as the ref was being rather biased. And then Italy-Australia? I nearly threw the remote control at the ref when he awarded that ridiculous penalty. For the health of my television screen, I chose instead to hurl ah lian-ish abuse that went something like "you think penalty free one, issit?". And I'm also annoyed that Brasil, that country of diving clowns, knocked out Ghana. *grr* To take this frustration out on something, I might go sit on Kai. And Spain? *shakes head*

8. You can lure anyone to your house in ulu Bedok to watch the WC with the promise of a bakchormee supper. Also, that bakchormee and prata are the Singaporean equivalents of Pizza Corner, except that they taste good when you're sober.

9. Europeans probably have their flag colours permanently painted on their faces.

10. Emirates is right, we really DO all speak football. If every MSN conversation I've had with anyone in the world has involve WC ramblings. As exemplified in the point below.

11. Qiong can make slash out of anything. I sent her this photo...

...which I thought was pretty damn funny just because of that priceless expression on Crouch's face, and she sends me back this:

qiong - a dash of eternity said:
en you have to blogthe crouch wp hahahahahahahaha

en ying "chinese financial statements make my head spin" said:
i just love the way the crouch pic
has him CLEARLY with a fistfull of the dude's hair
the man of the match pics are actually all quite bad
now that i look at them (i never really bothered looking)
the first match
there is also a damn priceless look

qiong - a dash of eternity said:
yah the fistful of hair, that look like he just hit some climax, and the strategic placement of the other guy's head

en ying "chinese financial statements make my head spin" said:

qiong - a dash of eternity said:

en ying "chinese financial statements make my head spin" said:
i didn't quite think as much


qiong - a dash of eternity said:
(well you dun read fanfiction so of course you're relatively untainted when it comes to guys on guys *lol*)

en ying "chinese financial statements make my head spin" said:
erm, thank heavens i don't

For the record, the MOTM wallpaper for Klose looked like this. How flattering:

12. That any advertisement with a good premise and a multitude of football stars will be an awesome one. Right now I think the world is in love with Jose and Pedro. As we speak I'm receiving a great big 12Mb file from Jem and I just know it has something to do with Jose +10 again.

Oh and the audition tapes are hilarious:

The latest Pepsi ad with the football-juggling Bavarians is also too stupid for words. In a good way. Da da DAA!!

And Steven Gerrard is so heart-meltingly gorgeous in this Carlsberg Bottlecap ad, it should be criminal. If you could put a "make En Ying melt into a puddle on the floor" offence in the Penal Code.

And one more for good measure. Oye Roberto, pass the Pringles! They should not let Gerrard talk lah. Stand there look pretty can already.

13. Chinese financial statements are too much. Most of the stuff I read yesterday I wouldn't even understand in English, I don't think.

14. If you park the car and get out to check if you're in the line and don't close the door, your father will construe that as a plot on his life. Like: "You want the exhaust to kill me or what?". Man.

15. That I'm a pretty good tourguide when I want to be. I just hope all the stories I told Zenith when she was here for the past week were accurate. Haha. Thanks to Zen, I have also discovered that if you can't eat chilli, fish, or seafood, we don't have much to offer you in the way of food here. *sad*. I was particularly crushed that I couldn't offer her fishhead curry, drunken prawns or charkuayteow. sad

*Later addition, 16. Just when I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to see anymore of Jose and Pedro, Jerald blogs this:

Once again, impossible really IS nothing.

en ying snapped a shot of life @ 10:54 am
[11 photographs developed.]

11 photographs developed.


u should have offered her carrot cake at least big grin and what about chwee kueh?


en you evil thing. you just totally scratched my reputation *lolol*

as for tourguides. one day i shall attempt to recount to you to the pig's version of singapore history - that sang nila utama and stamford raffles existed in the same bloody time. and he really believed it too. *dies laughing* le pauvre american was so confused having to hear two different versions of our country's humble roots

ooh jose and pedro. so cute =)

and er, please remove my email address and put qiong or something??? that is just going to give me lotsa spam when the spam bots visit your site haha.


and i dun like seafood but charkway teow is ok wat. just pick out the seafood =) it still tastes good k. *defends self*


ooh yeah, that's right. (about the email add) totally forgot.

the pig is a moron. he should be kicked in the balls.


I thought he didn't have any.

And thus I prove I am still alive! and vaguely drunk! and graduating tomorrow early in the morning! Oh. dear. me.


oh, yes. kicked where his balls SHOULD be, then. i have never so Sincerely Disliked someone i have met only twice. we should make it a sport. foot-nbk-ball. we all speak foot-nbk-ball. eat foot-nbk-ball, sleep foot-nbk-ball, drink coca-cola. we'll bend his balls like beckham, and sponsor ballack and lampard to wear the adidas predator and/or modular boots and slam them into the goal. yellowcards for not kicking hard enough.

*derisive snort*. sorry, sometimes the sheer thought of that creep makes me very vicious.

and just don't trip over that flouncy, poncy gown. congrats!!


*LOL* world cup fever takes hold in every way doesn't it? haha

congrats on your graduation tzo!!! please dun turn up half drunk *grin*

and i want pictures of that flouncy gown. Whatever it is it can't be as bad as the flouncy gowns in shanghai which have a weird thick yellow band for trimming, some hoodie at the back so that it looks like hogwarts robes, and a thick red stripe plonked in front with chinese buttons O_o eww.


and a side note. tzo's drunk! *lolol* sorry. the idea of you vaguely drunk is quite amusing =)


'snot all that flouncy really. But the big fur lined hood was lots of fun. photos in a bit, need to pack first.

I think En sounds more drunk than me after 6 glasses when she is utterly sober.


you may be right...


HAHHAHA. So right tzo =)

your robe is gorgeous =) does everyone in cambridge get furry robes?? Nice =)

Do you buy or rent those robes? just wondering haha

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied