Monday, 3rd July '06

Beckenbauer?! Hahahaha!

I have some very weird friends. Specifically a pair of twins who fancy themselves as Jose and Pedro. I don't know about you, but most little boys I know fantasize about being the football stars, not the other little boys that fantasize about playing with them.

Whatever man, this is still hilarious.

For the love of Mike, boys, y'all too free or what? plain

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6 photographs developed.




That has to be the funniest thing ever *ROTFL* geee, can i link it on my blog please???? they should put it on youtube or something, maybe it'll be as famous as the Two Chinese Boys *LOL*


haha... i'm sure they'd be all too happy for you to link it. it's not like i asked permission straight out either. smile

and it's on youtube what... that's where i got the embedding code from. man, they ARE another 2 chinese boys. have you seen the particularly BAD video where they gape like goldfish? it's rotfl kinda funny too.


i see we've got an audience.


hehe jem =) we're gonna make you famous!!! ahahahahaha =)


you're not consistent leh jem... one moment the jem/jose has a hairband and one moment not.

but the jer/pedro, my word. that "cuatro-cuatro-dos" bit was so authentic i nearly fell off my chair laughing.


i know la. i forgot to take it off for the last scene. actually if u scrutinize hard enuff. u will find some other inconsistencies. grin. esp the last few scenes. did them in a hurry =) (check out the coin dropping scene)

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