Sunday, 9th July '06

"For a Country Without a Team, We're Really Interested in Soccer!"

Ok, technically we have a team. Um. Go Lions. Whatever. Techinically we also have an entire LEAGUE. (Can you BELIEVE Sengkang-Punggol has a team? Sorry Dre.) *sigh*. But as the greatest TV extravaganza of last month or so draws to a close tonight with the bleu vs azzuri final, might as well give the whole affair a bit of a eulogy.

Limin came back last night, so we of course took the opportunity to go out an enjoy the excuse for staying out REALLY late that the World Cup presents. (Or really early? By the time I got back home after the Germany-Portugal match my maid was WAKING UP.)

It has also occured to me how our soccer parties (for lack of a better word) have become lamer and lamer as we ran out of stamina and the price of hanging out went up. Look, we started out very decently at Robertson Walk's outdoor courtyard, paid a arguably reasonable price for beer and the right to park our asses there for a number of hours. In between we played taitee. Still all reasonably cool. In the early stages, we even got to C.H.I.J.M.E.S. and that was great for ambience - especially because of the enthusiastic Brazillians at the pub we were at.

Then the parties moved to my house and Lucas' house, where bakchormee and homemade cheesecakes made their appearances. Where we played mahjong to pass the time. Still can make it. Need to save money and it's always cheaper to stayover until the buses start running again the next morning.

You know what's SAD? Where we were forced to go last night. We watched the game at MACDONALD'S. Marginally better than our other option, which was the Kopitiam food court - not even a real kopitiam, mind you. *slaps forehead in despair* I knew we were never exactly cool, but this is a new low. confused Well at least it was an LCD TV. And it was at orchard road and the crowd wasn't exatly the ah-beng-ah-lian crowd I expected.

But all in good fun, yes?

Also, did you know C.H.I.J.M.E.S. now charges FIFTY BUCKS A HEAD to go in a pub and watch the game? Do I look like I'm made of money? Shameless profiteering commercial enterprises.

It's funny how much Singaporeans are willing to spend on football,or how much time we spend watching it, even if we don't have a team. The real clincher was hearing on the news last week about the amazing intiative our Singaporean kids can show when it really comes to it. A number of schools pushed back last week's Youth Day holiday till 10 July at the kids' request, so they could watch the finals. So who says Singaporean kids don't think out of the box?

Poor Limin though, I do have to apologise for continually slamming her. It's like a reflex action, I can't help it. I see Italy on the screen and I have to say something rude. It's like Henghwa says, even if we did like the team, it's a rule of law that we have to provide opposition to eveything she says. Everyone (including the little German-supporting continigent of Dre, Kai and me) has picked a side. Needless to say, Limin's going to be the only one yelling about forza Italia, and the rest of us are cheering for Les Bleus.

And I can't find a good juncture to put this bit in, but I do need to record one of those random tidbits that make us all laugh so hard. Until last week, Jeanette Sng the Brilliant thought Shakira's Hips Don't Lie was the official anthem of the World Cup. It's actually not that bad a mistake, but for some reason we couldn't stop laughing when we heard that. We can be quite lame, as mentioned.

In other news, the back is not being very friendly lately. Might have to seen an orthopedic soon. Bah. I'm too young for this. And Zaki's rehearsals haven't even started yet!

Ok, going off. Maybe will take a nap before Limin comes. 3 am soccer matches are terrible for my schedule. I'm just permanently nocturnal.

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