Thursday, 13th July '06

I Am Singaporean

Wah, when I was first introduced to the Molson Canadian Joe Canadian advertisement, I thought it was fantastic. All us exchange students were tickled pink. I also thought no one in Singapore would have seen it.

Evidently I was wrong. It's caught on, thanks to the efforts of Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi. Sigh. Poor Mr Brown - give him his column back lah, come on, be nice. What, we're not allowed opinions anymore? The guy is a patriotic Singaporean man, it's not like he's about to commit high treason or anything, so cut him some slack.

In anycase, here's the Molson ad:

Here are the Singaporean spin-offs. I think they don't even come close to the original, but they're amusing nonetheless. I think they're more about being nostalgic than debunking wrongly held impressions of us. But National Day approaches (less than a month!), so might as well start the patriotism. I find Mr Miyagi's particularly poignant, especially when he makes those observations about NS, the World Cup, elections and wanting to barbecue the monstrosity that is the Merlion. *sigh*

Mr Brown's
Mr Miyagi's

I got the new passport today. Decided to not opt for biometrics because I was too cheap to pay the extra 10 bucks it cost. Owning a passport already costs 50 friggin' big ones and I doubt biometrics is going to help me much if I still have to wait for the friends I'm travelling with to clear customs.

I am Singaporean - but nabei, the passport is a disgusting shade of red.

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