Thursday, 13th July '06


Well it wasn't the Star Awards, but it was a night of glitz and "glamour" (sort of) nonetheless. We were very... smick. What a word. It was also the highest class dinner we've ever had as the group of us. Thanks to Limin, who incessantly nagged us to be dressed to the nines, we turned up in our Wednesday Best, all ready to partake in the Ritz Carlton's fabulous buffet.

Do not scoff at the effort put in. Ben wore a long sleeved shirt with buttons. Bert, to my utter amazement, a JACKET. Shaun was pushed over the edge by Limin's "make sure to dress up!!" messages that popped up on his handphone at least thrice a day, and came this close to putting on a top hat, coattails and monocle.

Check it out. We look good, if I do say so myself.

Thank you, Kai, for photos. I shameless koped the collages from her blog, which you should totally check out HERE.

Whatever the case, it's been a long time since I've seen the guys in anything beyond the RJ PE T-shirts and slippers.

Last night, the only slippers in sight were the slipper lobsters, thank God.

And that was a bunch of shots of the Graduation Cake. That the Ritz so kindly gave us, compliments of the hotel. The waitres was so funny, presenting it to Limin she mentioned that it was from the rest of us. And NONE of us knew what was going on. You should have seen our clueless faces. None of us wanted to be the one to admit we didn't order that cake, for fear that one of us actually DID do it in our names. Hahaha. Andre and Ben had these "wtf is going on?" looks that utterly confused me.

In between the buffet helpings we discussed everything from what Materazzi said to Zidane (Limin and Shaun have conflicting stories, of course, and Shaun insists he's right because his source is SOCCERNET. *sigh*) to the possibilities of buying an airline for 1 Ringgit. Of course, no one can ever resist a good whacking at Limin, so we did so with much enthusiasm. It being Limin's graduation party and all, we were very careful not to let her get too big-headed. It is said that one's friends bring one back down to earth - friends like Smubs will bury you six feet under and then spit on your grave. Sample these anecdotes, all rehashed from the days of yore, and repackaged in a limited edition collectors' item dosage:

1. Do you remember how Babs got her name? Just in case you forgot, there was the bus bearing the Hamadryas Baboon advertisement for the Singapore Zoo...

2. Can you give her a Sprite? - Huh? *Poor Limin voice* But I want peach tea!

3. Limin, there are only six of us here tonight. Really. wink

4. H-um, HUMM! HUMMMMMM!!! HHHUUUUUUUMMMMMMM! You mean you don't know what that means? Why don't you check the Oxford dictionary?
-- This is followed by a ridiculously inappropriate amount of laughter for anyone sitting in a posh Ritz Carlton restaurant. Ben is so overwhelmed he has to excuse himself from the table and run to a corner of the room as his shoulders shake with laughter. Meanwhile, I laugh so hard I hyperventilate and tear enough to smudge my eyeliner.

5. I still love that birthday card I bought for Limin in the Lawtons on Spring Garden. It's your birthday, dear friend. *Picture of large monkey creature on the front cover* Time to catch up on some of the things you missed out on... *Next page* Like EVOLUTION!

6. Burn our MOGU, will you? WILL YOU?!?

7. Wallet under Ben's bed.

8. Shall we make a Limin sushi roll? Use the matteress as seaweed...

9. "Pluck your leg hair then you know!" / "Pain or not? Pain or not? Come, I show you WHERE to pull! Come, I guide your hand. Show me the middle finger... where's your middle finger? SHOW IT!"

10. Limin of Leura and the Legend of the...??

Hah. It will be a long time before I manage to put together 22 anecdotes like I promised.

And I don't "HAYCH" you, Kai.

And with that, we took too many photos in the opulent lobby and that was it. All the glamour being done with, we continued on with our lives as sad, penniless students. We walked back from the Ritz to City Hall MRT and took the train home. satisfied

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4 photographs developed.


Yo smubs, since i wasn't there physically to do battle with IT, I shall be here mentally for all of you. cool eh?

Here's my two cents worth of IT's quotes:

11. limin goes:"just you wait, just you wait!!one day, one day I will..."

well limin, besides the inability to count, you have a tendency to repeat yourself. sleepy And I've been waiting for 4 years now, how long more do you want me to WAIT? wink

12)limin loves doing this after a meal.."That was such a heart warming meal *rubs tum tum and look gleeful*"

I never knew a human's heart is at the how can it be "heartwarming" when you are rubbing the wrong place? go for a checkup with shaun or gnet! plainhmmm unless you're not human.. crazy

this is called virtual gotta live with it... razz


oh limin!I think you should name your room too! since your room is very colourful and has tiger prints on it and it signifies the important stuff in your world right? SO I have come up with an excellent name for

Call your room GLOBAL! when you are in your room, you are within reach of the world..seeking peace and tranquility..i like the name..short and sweet...

and best of'll have an excellent party name for it..



omg dage. smile youdaman.



chew bak kua! u suck! i cant believe u shot so many at me without me even realising it! wah lao!!! u suck lah...and u think u very funny warming.. razz bleagh

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied