Wednesday, 16th August '06

6 in a Bed, and the Little One Said...

"AIYOH! Why so squeezy?!"

Notice that in both cases, there were only 6 people in the bed. "Why?", you ask. That's because the host of the room-warming party made a careful head count in both cases and concluded there were 6 both times. Again, why? Oh, you all know who the host was, and how gifted she is in math...

Sorry Babs, couldn't resist the cheap shot. Anyways, I have to be off to bed soon, so I'm just going to summarise the room-warming with a bunch of quotable quotes. It was just one of those evenings that was so typically Smubby that anyone familiar with the culture would be able to know the orginator and the exact context just by reading the quotes...


2. "Would you like some white cranberry juice with Frangelico? See, see the monk? It's my choice liquer... from Italia. MY Italia!"

3. "I can't stop eating the sushi / spring rolls / cheese fritters!"

4. *sobsobsniffsniff* *wipeseyes* *blowsnose* *someone runs to get a waste basket*

5. "Butter caramel tiramisu! OMIGAWD, Limin's where's the tiramisu? TIRAMISU!!"

6. "We're too comfortable in your bed... you said room warming what... so we warm your room lor..."

7. "Limin, I think I'll just stay here overnight!"

8. "You all are crazy! CRAZY!"

9. "Why you say you tell me you dowan the turkwa when you didn't say you dowan the turkwa?!"

10. "What noodles would you like with your meal? The vermicelli is very fresh today..." / "Haah? Err, nono, meepok please." / "Ah, of course, sir! The fettucine!"

Ahahaa. That was fun.

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you guys are idiots in general. childish too. and i dont have a counting problem!!! stop maligning me!


yea you do have a counting problem..stop denying it.. acceptance of your own shortcoming is the first step to finding a better self. smile

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