Thursday, 24th August '06

"When I Look Back on My Ordinary, Ordinary Life..."

Mmmpf! Finally got a new layout. Yeah, I know Qiong, this is insanely overdue, the John Mayer layout having lasted an amazing 1.5 years. Well, this one is likely to stay for a fong time too, seeing as the 4th year isn't exactly going to be another Dalhousie experience (i.e. a round of slacking).

Anyway, this layout might take a while to load, what with the gi-normous picture files. But seeing as I'm probably never going to have the time or energy to get off my ass and build a photo archive page - this is the closest I'll get to displaying some of the choisiest of the collection. My apologies for taking liberties with photos that I didn't shoot myself; I needed the look to be as commerative as possible. Each picture does prompt a pretty substantial memory.

Also, I know it kinda smacks of the Law IV website's design, but Shen's ideas of the photobars formed part of the basis of inspiration. In this case, however, I chose to maintain the full colour of the images.

Limin, you probably think the layout looks like oatmeal, but I like it. smile Brown is the new black.

And there's something about the colour of the links that I don't feel fully satisfied with, but I'll get round to finding a better hue someday. Right now it's uncomfortably similar to the Alexi Yagudin layout colour.

Till then, I NEED the sleep.

en ying snapped a shot of life @ 04:03 am
[7 photographs developed.]

7 photographs developed.


yay i found my picture!!!1 haha. minor achievement since everything is sooooo teeny =)

i like the colour. just maybe grey and brouwn is an interesting combination...and title fonts a leeetle cheesy *grin*

but i LOVE the quote and pictures =) and in a way the font ties in with the nice fuzzy sappiness of the whole thing =)

yaaay new layout!!! Bring out the weissbier!!! haha


my dear girl, i counted at least 5 pics of you. and you get your own personal shot, which counts for like maybe 5 in 1.

weissbier your head lah. i LAUGH hard hard.


really??? re-a-lly???

I can't seeee *whine* too smalllll haha. *squints harder* i see like lots of NYC photos but only one with meeee =) where's my personal mugshot??!!! shocked

i see like one picture on the top row. okay maaaybe the moose one too. got more meh? big grin

why no weissbier. you cruel cruel person crying

oh and small note. i think you can consider tweaking the shade of brown on your titles too. but that's up to you of course =)


hrm.. i think the colour can be a bit darker leh. as in it looks a bit pale.. BUT i like the top part.. nice nice nice! cool eh?


heh... thanks babs.

qiong: these are the ones with you in them. at the very least:
1. header image row 1, drinking bubble tea.
2. header image row 4, at lido.
3. footer image row 1, holding your glass at sketches. your personal mugshot.
4. footer image row 1, on the boat with cute danish guy and brown burnt hair guy going home from bubu.
5.footer image row 3, wet from the sea at bubu.

sigh. SEE? you my good friend. you know how hard it is to find pics of you that don't look ZONKED out?


hello!did u injure your leg?hope you recover soon. Anyway, just to inform you that I shut down my Xanga blog. Maybe I will start a new one..we'll see.. So you can take off my link now!



haha i didn't know there was a footer actually *sheepish grin*


eh what you mean by i looked zonked out??? hmph =)

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
plain jane rolls eyes satisfied