Monday, 28th August '06

Loosen Up My BAS-TONNES Babe (UH HUH!)

Zaki's horrific mangling of the Pussycat Dolls song is running around my head. It's been a long day, weekend, whatever.

The torn thigh muscle or hamstring is a lot less serious than initially feared. Don't anybody panic, I'm no Michael Ballack. The Tan Tock Seng doctor probably did the over-advice rest thing. Grr. But at Dr (Daniel) Phang's warnings that it has a potential to become chronic, I'm gonna take it easy.

The condensed version of the story goes like this: Law Iv rehearsal, pre-poposal Lindy Hopp scene, warming up with split. For some reason i slide into one, left leg, the stronger side, and something from under my thigh and almost up my ass goes "POP!". It felt like cutting a stretched rubber band. Not spectacular pain or anything, just a loosy POP!. And then back of thigh goes numb down to the knee. Suddenly incapable of performing any more splits. One hour of sitting out in a cold Auditorium later, I'm Limp Bizkit without the Bizkit.

Pay a riduculous amount to doctor and hospital for some peace of mind. Doc examines the area and pronounces: "No bruising. Don't worry too much, should be just a tear."

"How is that any better?!", I shrilly express my contempt at that ludicrous suggestion.

Sigh. No lah, it's really a lot better today, so no one freak out. Law IV might still be an issue, but I will still shimmy and shake my way through the Next Wave perfectly well.

Speaking of which. Today was vetting for Ensemble.

Huang Zheng's: I dunno lah, she does such weird stuff and that's turned out awesome in the past, but the fact of the matter remains that sometimes it will not work out. Which is fine because who the heck wants to stay safe and not experiment. So her daring to try odd concepts I really like. That being said, this item was still in a rather embryonic state. Just gotta give it a chance to grow.

Bryan's: Yay, came off pretty nicely. My batch girls thought it was decent, neat, and Sandy said she saw a side of En Ying she'd never seen before. Evidently I don't go around acting like a high-class prostitute seducing male "big spenders" on a regular basis. Muahaha, it's fun to have an avenue in which to act flirtious and in your face and being able to justify it all by saying it's not me, I'm still your clean innocent friend, it's just show business! It's funny how we've rehearsed it so much I forget that "I can show you a *Min flips her ass to the audience and slaps it* good time!" is meant to induce excitement - at least in Singapore.

Dan's: Oh my word, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! I love his item, dammit I should have gotten myself casted in that one. Though I would probably have died trying. I've not seen such a cool piece in a while... very stylised, lots of energy, INSANE pas de deux work - you can see all the poor guys' veins a -popping, and really a very creative use of props. And so physically demanding - and not in the aerobics cardio way that Zaki's is... it's like trying to train a bunch of normal dancers to be a Shaolin monks kungfu posse. It was all incredibly grand and Yip Man and I joked that Zaini was going to have a hard time crafting a finale piece to top that.

Juli's: Love the music, love the concept. We've never really done such an urban/ industrial item before. I could have used a little more ensemble work at times... like too many individual bits going on so that my eyes got confused from time to time, but it was always interesting and very fresh. I'm particularly impressed by Jeremy in this one - I don't really know him personally, but when I left for Halifax he was still a little bumbling boy all shaven headed from BMT that couldn't stand on one leg, and that one year he in MDC while I was away in Canada I come back and he's this little dynamite. Him and Glen are the cutest lah, just that Glen was always pretty steady since I knew him.

Shaun's: New chorepgrapher that I've never met or seen before. Pretty commercial I guess, but he got in some external gymnasts to do stunts, and our boys got turned into califaire girl holders. I dunno leh, it was one of those pieces that looked good and you gasp at the stunts but ultimately I can't say very much about.

Suli's: Didn't watch. Too busy freaking out over remembering Zaki's last minute blocking.

Zaki's: A song combination of the Pussycat Dolls' Buttons and Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" can only be a crowd pleaser. You know, one of those commercial pieces you love that's a lot of fun and showly and poser and act cool. We had a pretty bad run of it, but ultimately the idea's there, it's meant to be the one for the mainstream audience that grew up on a diet of MTV and Perfect 10 98.7 FM. And when you have a cast of alumni and the few oddball undergrads like us around shooting "Who da man?" looks at the audience as the opening strains of "Sexyback" start up, you WILL get wolf whistles. To some extent the dancing may be one thing, but it's one of those pieces that relies so heavily on attitude that an inherent confidence is half the battle won. And we had a cast that had such a powerful "street cred" that it sort of worked itself out. BUT MAN, did we screw up the other half of the battle, by all standards. I don't think my timing's ever been worse. Think the people watching probably heard me cursing as I danced.

Zaini's: The scheduled finisher as usual. Very classic Zaini lah. Nothing as wow as last year's Bjork which I'm still crushed to have missed out on, being in Canada. He always has such a power cast that it could never be bad, but I found myself waiting for the climax which never came. Maybe we wait for him to add himself in a solo, hee hee.

Time for bed. TIRED!

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glad to know torn thigh muscle isnt that bad. but it sounds bad. so take it as easy as you can while rehearsing for a dance thingy thingy smile called to check on u heheh as was rather worried. The line up looks for now i'm glad i let you con me into paying to go for ur show hahahah big grin cool eh?


Hmm. You mean there ain't any arty-farty beautiful stuff in this show? Isn't commercial the domain of the other dance society? Nevermind, you know I'm loyal and I will sit through MTV if I must. smile At least it will be entertaining watching you flirt with the audience, ah haha. Rest the leg properly, pushing through injury is so tempting but unwise. But you know that.

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