Tuesday, 29th August '06

Ooh! We're Happening People!

Ahahahaa. It's all rather funny. I can't believe how fakely funky this makes us look. I mean, we actually look like cool party people who were at some happening event, and looked good enough to be put on the front page of www.nightlife.sg as the cover image of the event!

Here. Zoom in big big so you can see us better:

Ooh, and look closely at the pic of the people on the right of us. The Boyz Toyz thing - it's WEIYI! Haha. I suddenly feel cool and like I have cool friends. Eh, this is supposed to be Singapore's Guide to Partying! As PCK would say: don't pray pray! Weiyi lends a measure of credibility to it all because she really is one of the coolest people I know.

How ironic. The day En Ying is on a website for "partying". I think my friends from Halifax would piss themselves laughing at the sheer implausibility of it all.

In reality, of course, we weren't half as funky as all that. We actually went there looking for EIC, but it turns out EIC wasn't playing coz the stupid Jeagermeister went and sponsorsed the stupid World Battle of the Bands. We also weren't half as happy as we looked in that picture. In fact, we were downright grumpy the whole night, cursing the lack of EIC (which I maintain is the best rock band Singapore has right now), the horrible horrible music that the WBotB was spawning, and the fact that the stupid pushy waiters kept bugging us to buy drinks that we didn't want to buy. We never even knew the event existed (or how badly it sucked), and we certainly weren't aiming to go there for it.

Muahaha. And now we're "superstars" - thanks Babs. wink

In anycase, the rest of you guys' photos are up too! Click on um... us... on the website and the pics come up.

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3 photographs developed.


I admit this is my first time here, it's AWESOME! hehe And i love how the website is so much easier to remember now. smile *Hugs*


I mean first time here since it's been revamped of course. razz


hahha yes you all are superstars smile cool eh?

smile shocked sad
big grin razz *wink wink* hey baby
angry, grr blush confused
cool crazy cry
sleepy hehe LOL
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