Tuesday, 5th September '06

Law IV and Then Some.

Another one of those entries that's horribly belated just because I had neither time nor energy to put it up any sooner.

Let me first announce that I'm dead. DEAD, I say. Tired beyond anything I've been before. It's not even a Council Camp kinda tired, it's more of a prolonged 2 weeks plus of tiredness. With stress thrown in. Anyways, we shall end whine here lah. Nabei. I asked for it, what.

Hmm, seems like the only time I use "nabei" as a curse it's when I'm doing some show.

Other things, now.

Law IV.

Mmm. Tricky blogging subject since I have pretty mixed feelings about it. But I think at the end of the day, the preview went better than I could have hoped. It came off as a good orientation skit and IMHO, that's not a standard I would have found acceptable had I directed it. But that having been said, we gave the audience a good time, and we had loads of fun in the process. I think there hasn't been a time I've been closer to my batchmates, and that in itself might have made the experience worthwhile. For the millioneth time I congratulate myself on keeping my role small. Sandra and Marc with the help of Wanlin and Nick ran the show excellently, and there was really nothing I could have done better on the SM-ing front. Stage Managing, for you non-theatre sorts; I know some of you twisted folks are thinking of other things with the same abbreviation.

I'm also glad the whole thing gave me a chance to just hang out and be friends with the whole team. You know how once you're in a position of authority you lose your friends just because you're the one who bosses them about. Well this time I got to just sit and ROC (relac one corner, brudder!) which left time to play endless taitee games (no money played, so I tried stupid things like two doubles and the boys thought I was mad) and sit and eat "smelly jelly". Haha.

My solitary scene was pretty cool, though I tell you, it's DAMN stressful doing the opening poses on the same side of the stage as ROSS. Why? Coz the dude has a fan club. Like how Errol's little girly girls screamed "COCKROACH!! HORNY HORNY!!" everytime he appeared, Ross got a million whoops and wolf whistles everytime. I was also kinda freaked that the thigh injury was going to screw the split, but we worked it out. Yay. High-five, my friend.

Other scenes I heard went fantastic (by our standards) too. Kheng Lian's "Auntie" was a HIT. Everytime the Tree came out the audience went crazy. And who could blame them; everytime I watch the show I just wait for her scenes. The "Bat Scene" was hilarious. You could hear the commotion from the changing room, and you just KNEW what the cues for the audience to scream were. The tree came out, they screamed. Lian appeared, they screamed. And the song and dance started and ROSS came out, they screamed. And then in Clarissa's scene with Derick she came backstage saying: Derick made me cry!! Which is awesome of course, because the show was missing intensity previously.

Oh well, that was just the preview. Got more shows on the weekend! Must keep energy up.

The Visitor

And then Mike came. Vicki's friend from Canada, Mike. That was pretty cool 'coz I knew they were close back in Halifax but then he went to Toronto and I never actually met him. And then here he comes to Singapore and Limin and I unload all our Singapore history on him. World's colliding and all that. He's a pretty nice guy, unassuming and friendly and polite and respectful of the Asian culture, which is always great to observe. So we brought him to Chinatown, made him eat pig's stomach (he was more garang than Mick with the turkah! Hahaha) and then we walked around and fed him bakkwa and tutu kueh. And then we visited Sri Mariamman Temple and the Chualia Mosque (I can never spell it's real name). And then on to Clarke Quay where we grabbed a drink at Brewerkz and then later stood in front of the MRT map and told him stories about Singapore for an hour. Yesterday before he left I took him for charkueyteow and orhluak, which was probably the unhealthiest food combination you could imagine.

Freddy didn't make it down from KL eventually because the poor bugger had to work the Friday shift. *chuckle* It was a bit of a relief for me because I'm utterly spent right now. And he'll have plenty of weekends to make it down again sometime. When I'm not so dead and suffering from rehearsalitis and can bring him around more. My word, if I don't look after him properly I don't want to think what Susann would do to me.

Lukas probably coming in the next couple of weeks. I hear he's in Thailand right about now.

I like taking people around (just that it kills me when it happens during show time), but man, the STB should give me an award lah!

Things in DE Land

I'm out of energy for blogging this. Suffice to say things are going downhill rather a bit because the undergrads are getting busier and hence less committed.

In pure terms of dance, I hope I've enough left in me to actually do the shows. I'm so tired now I'm just zombie-ing through the moves. The fact that both are so commercially oriented is particularly draining, simply because it's my first time doing full on commercial stuff. It's good commercial stuff, but it's stressful. Zaki by now thinks that I cannot count. Haha. Oh well - I did always maintain that TNW was for me to find out how much I suck and how much I can still learn from my seniors.

We Live in Singapura!

Hossan Leong is still one my favourite comedians. The Singapore Boy has struck again, and this time with a brilliant song that's a condensed history of Singapore. A better version than anything Uniquely Singapore has to offer, anyhow. Watch the video put up by Mr Brown, here.

Keep Talking Cock in Parliament, I say.

Ok, I'm outtie. Gonna try and be productive now.

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Hey, I tagged ya on my blog. If you ever feel like doing a random quiz thing for the fun of it...*thumbs up*


BECCCC!!! Yes, will do it, of course. I always do them. smile Eventually.

Are you back in Singapore, or coming back anytime soon? I haven't seen you since February 2005. I remember, we had dinner at Marché!


hahah nice entry..i note the lack of bitching after our starbucks talk smile hehehe but it's good that you get to ROC this time and people get to know the real lovable enz. razz


hello! Just to say good luck and don't die of exhaustion. Eat more bananas and chocolate. Besides I'm sure you're enjoying it all. smile

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