Saturday, 16th September '06

Get Your Sexy On

Quick one before I K.O.. First night of The Next Wave (one more tomorrow) playing to a sellout house. Now that's good shit. It was an amazing run tonight too, and we just have to find that spark again for the big night tomorrow.

Zaki's cast especially had the run of our lives, and there was more energy and fun on stage than I'd ever dare to have hoped. We don't usually have much fun on stage - having spent the last month or so frantically memorising steps and quaking in fear each time he stared us down and then getting constantly bashed for not being raw sexual animals enough. I was vaguely amused, at how he constantly kept saying we had to look like we were "ready to go" when at least half the cast had never... um... GONE. So a typical post rehearsal situation would look like this:

Zaki: I want you to have sex on stage.
(back in dressing room)
Flea: ME TOOO!!
Everybody: HOOOOWWWW????
(back on stage)
Zaki: Not enough. I'm very disappointed. Boys, please molest.
(back behind the scenes)
Me: Haha, Mel, go, grab Anthony's ass. I grab Ali.
And in the meanwhile everyone thinks: how the heck can I act sexy when I can't even breathe by the 2nd dance?

Let's put it this way. This would have never happened to any of the people I knew in Canada.

And then I had to explain to half the world what the LONDON BRIDGE is. Yeah, I GOOGLED IT. Look at it this way, even Winston couldn't tell me what it meant for a London Bridge to Fall Down. Wouldn't that drive your curiousity too? And then looking at the Google results I eventually felt like I was reading the karma sutra.

Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun. The dominatrix costume is SUCH fun to run around in (though the boots are a bitch). I love it, it's strangely empowering. It's also so much fun shocking your friends with the volume your hair managed to reach.

Bryan's item has not that much to blog about. We did a very decent run I think, and he sat at the 2nd circle and said he could feel us, which was great. I guess there was nothing as outrageously wild as Zaki's about Bryan's, but in it's own way it pushed us (ok, me) to work with a foreign sort of genre and I appreciate it for that. Bryan's style is almost impossible to catch but he's just that kind of choreographer whose dancers would die for him, simply because he always took time to get to know us and was so endlessly patient.

And of course I want to wax lyrical about Dan's item, which I love with every fibre of my being. But I'm not in it. Dan's a friggin' genius, the way he uses the stage and props is pure brilliance. And there's such great cameraderie in his cast that their energy carries forever. It's a pitty about the stage management mess up tonight, but tomorrow they will bring the house down. It makes me feel scared to ever choreograph anything because I'd always compare future choreos to that one.

Alright, time for bed. ONE LAST SHOW TOMORROW.

(Oh and I'll blog about the Law IV cast party later. All 1.5 insane hours of it.)

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Trevelyan Neo:

Hello hello~

Just happen to pop by. Hope you know who i am, the skinny guy in Dan's.

Keep in touch! cool eh?


loved ur performance..and u say Dan's choreography i take u are referring to the breathtaking red-pants item yes? i loved it too..the props and all that was just awesome.. cool eh? and i loved seeing wild sexy enz muahhaha


Hey girl, haven't dropped in in a long while. I LOVE ur new blog!! Very cool and arty. Would have gone for 'The next wave' if i was around, it must have been awesome!=) Had a crazily busy time downunder this couple of months ..Trying to stay on top of things now. U take care girl, talk to u later!

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