Monday, 18th September '06

And I Choose + The Cast Party

Deferred blogging as is usual when it comes to big events like this when I need time to sort through the photos. I have about 50-odd of these, so here come the most characteristic ones, I guess.

It's been a week since the Gala Night, so forgive my if my memory has faded somewhat. I'm glad to say I enjoyed the whole experience despite the injured thigh muscle and all the inconvenience that has brought. I mean, it still hurts when I sit for extended periods of time any longer than 2 hours and the quality of my left split has been reduced to that of 12 years ago when I was barely learning how to do it. It's damned annoying, but you know... in the grand scheme of things it's just part of life.

Overall, Law IV was a blast, and it was great working with the batch to do something big. Even if it was kinda amatuerish, I think we did what could be done under the circumstances. But oh well. Here are the photos for some fun. I hate the way I look in that clownish stage makeup and too-small borrowed costume, but what the heck.

My crap thrown on the dressing room floor. Evidently the BTC MPA dressing rooms are shit lousy. I mean, compare them to the gorgeous UCC dressing rooms. And then there's Ross the scary vampire bat - Misunderstood... Ross is good!. And the happy dancer girls, Grace, Mel and Char.

There's my ultimate law school buddy, Jia! Who is always concerned that I will wipe my eyeballs off my face with the vigour i use in removing the makeup. And there there's Winston, a true cosmetic miracle. Now doesn't he look just like a Chinese High boy?

All the girls squashed into the miniscule dressing room.

As usual, we relieve tension by taking stupid photos and making fun of Ross. These were taken during the interval when we were supposed to be warming up for the halftime dance. Tim and Ross are just hilarious in those costumes.

More pictures at the end of the show. In order of appearance, we have Charmaine, Jenn, Liang, David Yeo (back to work with us again after Singapore Idol), Nawaz, Linus and Jiaxian.

And then after the end of the show it was off to what was potentially the wildest party I've ever been at. No, seriously, either I never went to enough Canadian parties or drunken NUS Law IVs are more impressive than I thought. Anyway, the big cast party bash was held at Van / Alex Ye's place off Zion Road. By the time Jia and I arrived we were greeted with giagantic bowls of Alex's secret recipe Sangria, and Van and Shaocong's Cooch.

Shit man, I've never seen my friends get so drunk EVER. There was a steady stream of people thrown in the Dentist Chair and having raw straight-from-the-bottle Chivas poured down their throats. That would have done any normal person in already, but Nawaz really took the cake. Nawaz is Muslim, by the way, which means that he never drinks. So two mouthfuls of Chivas in the Dentist Chair and he was reeling.

Which is not to say that no one else was reeling. I gave up taking photos midway through because everyone looked like shit and there were too many guys with more alcohol slopped down the front of their shirts than made it into their mouths. It was all pretty damn hilarious.

AND THEN, Van and Shaocong proceded to get so f*cking sloshed they couldn't keep their tongues out of each other's oesophagus. The drunk people whooped and cheered as they went on to throw each other down on the floor and roll around in complete oblivion to the onlookers. The onlookers ranged from cheering animals to vaguely amused (like me) to downright horrified (the sober people who hadn't seen better on exchange).

Ah well, at some point in time the Signal Hill "Wasn't That a Party" song started playing in my head, but it was rapidly drowned out by Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie", the onslaught of a gyrating Alex (good glory, I now know why the entire town of Leuven, Belgium knew who the exchange student from Singapore was) and the (JOY! JOY!) "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-OH... Ohh-OH! Ohh-OH!" hollers of happy hight law students making up for the weeks of Zouk Mambo-Jambo nights we had missed in preparation for the big show. Man, I love Mambo.

But anyway, pictures of the prettier parts. There are plenty of Dentist Chair photos around but one thinks it better to protect the reputation of future lawyers too drunk to know what they were doing.

And I think ultimately what amused me the most was the sheer amount of fun we managed to have with that little alcohol. Two observations: it takes about a tenth the amount to get Singaporeans drunk that it takes Germans, and two, non-drunk people were still perfectly happily shouting and screaming and dancing along with the best of them.

But as all good Singaporean parties must end, this did too, with the arrival of the police. Given the size of this country, and the proximity of all residential areas, it's always just a matter of time. Which is all fine with me, except that then we had to quell the really messed up Nawaz. See, he did his NS in the police force, so when alex first shouted that "the police are here!" most people either stopped shouting, turned off the music and did otherwise innocent looking things. Not Nawaz, who proceeded to go "the police! I'm the police! Let me talk to them!" At which point Woonky and some others had to wrestle him down and get him to shut up.

Eventually we all got packed up and sent home by the men in blue. Sheesh.

Oh well. Like I said, wasn't that a party.

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