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The Next Wave 2006 (a.k.a. My Slutty Photos)

Ah, tis the season again and it's hard to find another show I've ever done or will ever do that competes with the intensity of emotions and amount of work (and budget) that goes into the Next Wave every year. I don't know how to describe what a labour of love this production is, the sacrifices we all make for it, the number of injuries and the heart and soul that goes into it each time. You only have to think about the people like Dewi who continued to dance on three torn ligaments, look at the state of Amy's knees, and watch how the boys like Anthony / Glen / Jeremy / Taufik etc etc grit their teeth and strain every muscle to cope with every draining lift to know how much the Next Wave means to some of us. You only have to watch Sab and Michelle and every other alumni trying to do their work in between rehearsals and survive on 3 hours of sleep a day to understand the passion that goes into this business every year.

And while every year is fraught with the "no one's committing enough" to the "so and so sucks" bitching, it always comes together in the end with blood and sweat and tears of pain and joy.

Zaini will quote me forever for the time I persuaded him to reinstate the Next Wave 2005 by revealing how much my first Next Wave meant to me as a junior. I told him that everyone needed it for a climax to the year, for the seniors to rekindle their love and most of all for the juniors to realise just how far they had to go and learn, and when you put it all down to boil in that crucible that is the show, whether you can step up. The first Next Wave is like this initiation rite for everything that it does for the newbie. Maybe it all sounds kinda silly and mushy, but I'm glad he remembered it almost one and a half years later because to me it's still true. Watching the alumni in Zaki's item absorb the insane choreography at insane speeds and feeling like a royal idiot and then being so thankful that they'd repeat it all endlessly to help me with it, sitting down with others like Stephie and Sab who'd always encourage and reassure me, and then watching the technique of psychos like Ori and Fannie... it's all just an experience that is really priceless. Stephie (and she's a full fledged super-alumnus) once said that the Next Wave was for her to remember how much she's still learning, and that is so true.

But all that being said and I done, I had the time of my life. So what if along the way there were nights I woke up in nightmares of Zaki screaming at me about blocking and my lack of ability to count. So what of the times Roz and June and I sat and banged our heads on the wall because we (or at least I) felt that I wasn't quite making it as a senior for being unable to teach the juniors how to make Bryan's steps look like how he wanted them. And the times we felt Bryan abandoned us for Overdrive and other committments. All small things, but all contributing to the final, intense sense of pride in the show we put together as the DE family at the end of it all.

There's something about a big show like this that makes me all mushy and estatic at the same time. And now it's time for the more fun stuff. I know y'all want the S&M photos. smile I am, however, rather disappointed at my failure to get photos in Bryan's costume. The change was just too quick, I didn't have time for pictures of it. Nevermind, we wait for the official photoshoot pictures.

Bryan's girls. Bryan is damn sweet lah... bought us all flowers and handphone dingle-dangles.

Usual dressing room happiness. Sandy is proud of her sexy stockinged legs, Ori and I discover we can fit into the dressing room lockers quite comfortably. Or not. And then Mel and I gave up looking sexy for generic sweetness.

Me and Roz.. I just loved Juli's item's costumes, i.e. what Roz is wearing. Nazri deconstructed various I.P. Zone clothes and came up with this really unique look. And the picture on the right is my dresser table. So much stuff on it... macam can open mama shop already.

Zaki's girls. Read: me with Mel, Amy, Flea, Stephie, Sab, Jenny. We missed a whole bunch of the other girls. Damn. The guys should have seen Michelle... wow. Teck Nam is one lucky guy.

Speaking of which, there in the centre is Big Brother Teck Nam, aka Astro Boy. Flanked by happy little spontaneous shots of me and Weiyi and Rita.

On the left, I steal Candy from Taufik for a bit while Flea gets a photo-op with Taufik on the right. In the middle, there's a picture with way too much hairspray involved. Me and Anthony - hey, the old man is still pretty hot. (Haha, see, I'm not always rude to my elders!)

Backstage during Zaini's finale item. There's Zaini and Ori looking all furrow browed while gazing at the TV monitor backstage. And there's a side shot of what the stage looks like from the view of the anxious dancer waiting in the wings.

The curtain drops after the final curtain call. That means the Next Wave is over till next year. We all breathe hefty sighs of relief and think about finally getting some sleep.

Show's over. We give Rita a little love, X.II style, I get photos with Yanling and June (in real clothes at last!) and then it's off to Holland V for the post production chillout, where I end up breathing in too much secondhand smoke.

Great show.

P/S: Links to other gorgeous girls' pictures - Rozana's, June's (she's got vetting pictures too!) and Regina's.

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